A Legal Network Is Critical

Distance and Circumstances must be addressed

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A group legal plan to be effective must be able to provide service wherever it is needed, and also deal with unusual situations. It is nice to be able to work with a local attorney, but that may not be possible if a plan member is miles from home. Additionally, legal matters which are above and beyond the expertise of a general practice attorney could arise. The group legal services offered need to cover a lot of bases.

Distance Can Be a Problem

Anyone who is traveling could end up with a legal problem somewhere far from home. Without the protection of a group legal plan this person may face large legal fees charged by a local attorney. A network of seasoned legal professionals provides great assistance. The attorneys are able to give legal solutions, even though the plan member is not from the area

Special Cases Require Specialized Legal Assistance

The practice of law is a diverse field with many varieties. Topics such as marine, aviation, environmental law, tax, and intellectual property are but a few of the specialties under the legal umbrella. In most situations a group legal plan member only needs a lawyer with general practice expertise. However, there are times when unique circumstances require an attorney with particular legal skills. These professionals can command higher than ordinary fees because of their focused knowledge. A person can quickly face legal costs in the thousands of dollars. Group legal services should be able to help not only find the right lawyer, but also provide fee relief. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a legal referral network to help in both situations.

Making Sure Legal Help Is Available

The Countrywide referral system means that no matter where a plan member happens to be legal assistance can be quickly secured if needed. The attorneys are expected to provide the same high quality of service they provide their regular clients. Should unique legal expertise be needed it can be found within our network. Countrywide is aware of how the cost of a lawyer can skyrocket. It is why the attorneys we work with provide discounts of 25% off of scheduled and hourly rates. There is also a 10% discount for contingency fees. It is unfortunate but some attorneys try to pad the bill, taking advantage of somebody who is a stranger. It does not happen in the Countrywide system. We request the fee schedule from all lawyers in our network. We know what they charge and what they’re supposed to charge with the discount included. It is impossible cheat a group plan member.

Our Legal Plans Are Tailor-Made

Our referral network is a standard part of any Countrywide group legal services benefit. We have provided service for 28 years and we are aware that organizations have different needs and wants. It is why we work with the client to provide the proper group legal plan. We feel it is important that decision-makers pick and choose what they believe their workforce needs. We will design a plan to their specifications, but the legal referral network and the high quality customer service will always be included. Our clients appreciate our flexibility and their employees have commented favorably on how they have been treated by us.

Our administration is also designed with the plan member in mind. Countrywide group legal services are efficient, convenient, and timely. A person will receive assistance without having to deal with a lot of paperwork. If they need to speak with an attorney, an unlimited number of telephone calls are permitted and face-to-face consultations can be set up without a difficulty. It is all part of our commitment to provide value plus service to everyone who is part of a Countrywide legal plan. We encourage decision-makers to contact

us about our services. We can provide the kind of coverage every employee needs in the face of a legal situation.