A Small Case Isn’t Always Minor

Small Claims Court has its own procedures


The majority of everyday legal matters are handled in the chambers of small claims court. This is where lesser matters such as landlord tenant disputes, minor property damage, or lack of payment issues are heard and resolved. None of this means that a small claims case is handled in the blink of an eye. Indeed, these particular types of litigation require a lot of preparation and the outcomes may also require time to be fully put to rest. The possibility of a small claims case taking substantial time away from business projects is quite real. It makes sense for a company to offer a voluntary benefit with legal services that can resolve small court case issues quickly.

Different States, Different Rules

The law governing small claims cases small claims cases will vary from state to state, and there are various limitations on the amount a person may sue for in the court. There are different rules governing eviction cases and there could be statutes of limitations on various matters. It can become an extremely confusing puzzle of statutes for the ordinary person. A group legal plan that provides access to knowledgeable attorneys can help unravel the mess. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a voluntary benefit plan that can help people get needed advice. Known as the Personal Legal Protector Plan, it can help plan members understand procedures that have to be followed in a given small claims court. The lawyers are able to do this because they have worked with small claims and understand the process.

The attorney can help a member of the group legal plan prepare the case for that day in court. This legal professional can prepare the evidence, offer advice on the specifics of the case, note the rules and laws that pertain to the situation, and generally end the confusion. A voluntary benefit plan that offers this kind of assistance makes the proceedings less bewildering and frustrating.

One Step Further

The court may award a judgment to the aggrieved party but that does not always mean he or she will get it immediately. The defendant may attempt to delay things or simply not pay. An attorney who is part of the Countrywide voluntary benefit plan will help the plan member draw out the necessary paperwork for wage garnishment, or seizure of assets. The lawyer can also write a letter to the defendant warning of such action, prompting the person to pay what is owed. This type of extra service helps a plan member get what is rightfully due.

A Countrywide group legal plan also comes with superior customer service. The attorney does not consider the situation is just another case file, but works sympathetically with a plan member in getting justice. The unlimited number of phone calls to the attorney a particular matter is a voluntary plan benefit that is deeply appreciated. The communication assures a person that work is being done continually on the small claims court issue. That lowers the anxiety level considerably.

The Best Administration

Countrywide has been working with group legal plan development for 27 years. All types of organizations have been assisted during that time including companies, trade unions, associations, nonprofit charities. The administration of any Countrywide voluntary benefit is made as easy as possible. We also will tailor the plan to the specifications asked by management. What we want to be able to do is provide a benefit that provides maximum service with minimal effort. It is something that will certainly be valued by human resources.

Nagging small claims problems should not be allowed to distract hard-working employees from business projects. Countrywide can help make things easier with a voluntary benefit plan for legal services, and we have a number of other benefits options that can provide great service for employees. We invite human resources and other members of management to contact us with any questions about what we can do.

Our goal is to get your employees the legal services they need conveniently & affordable. Contact us today!