Keeping the Landlord Honest

Legal Services can protect a Tenant

Companies will relocate employees to branch offices or to corporate headquarters because of the expertise these people have. The transfer is ordinarily accepted because the employee knows how great the opportunities are being presented. There usually is no problem because relocation packages take care of the move and it all goes without a hitch. The problem arises when the employee settles into a rented house or apartment. While this doesn’t happen all the time, that employee may discover that the landlord is not trustworthy.

Taking Advantage of a Tenant

A rental agreement specifies what the landlord is supposed to do regarding the upkeep of the property. A landlord who knows the new tenant is from out of town may decide not to do everything that is required. In fact, such a person may even add charges onto the rent that should not be there. The reason is that the landlord believes the tenant does not quite know the town or what can be done to remedy the situation. In essence, the landlord is taking advantage of the situation. Frustrated, employee goes to human resources but there is not much that can be done. Of course if the company has a voluntary benefit plan that offers legal services, there is a lot that can be done.

Coming to the Employee’s Defense

A group legal plan is intended to help when a plan member is confronted with an unethical landlord. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a voluntary benefit plan that provides excellent legal assistance. A member of the plan offering legal services has access to local attorneys. These professionals can sit down with the employee and go over the rental agreement or lease, discovering what the duties are of the landlord. The Countrywide voluntary benefit permits an individual to make as many calls necessary on a given matter. There’s something else that is part of the benefits that might not be expected by the other side. And unethical landlord might be a bit surprised when he or she gets a phone call or correspondence on letterhead stationery from an attorney. Such contact is part of the Countrywide group legal plan. The communication, either verbal or written, lets the landlord know that the tenant has access to legal counsel that could file formal complaints. That may be enough to convince a landlord to be more reasonable and to follow the lease agreement more carefully. If a new agreement has to be drawn up, the Countrywide voluntary benefit will allow for the attorney to review up to six pages of the contract. This sees to it that a plan member is not taken advantage of again.

Customer Service with the Human Touch

A plan member who feels trapped by a landlord can feel extremely frustrated and angry. The Countrywide attorneys are aware of the agitated state of mind a person may be in because of the unethical practices of a landlord. This legal professional will calmly explain the options and assure a member of a group legal plan that this is a problem that will be rectified. The plan member can also be assured that prompt action will be taken. Those who have protection under a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan for legal services appreciate the type of attention which they received.

A Needed Benefit with Great Administration

Only a few landlords ever take advantage of a tenant but there are tenant landlord statutes to protect renters. Countrywide group legal plan benefits make certain that the law is obeyed and obligations are honored. We are noted for expert administration of benefits, and we work with the employer to tailor exactly what is needed for the workforce. No voluntary benefit plan member should be put at the mercy of a landlord who thinks that the law or a lease can be ignored. Our attorneys are there to offer assistance.

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