Making Government Work

Laws are enacted to both serve and protect citizens. There are benefits such as veterans hospitalization, help with energy bills, and physical disability intended to help those who are caught a disadvantage, and to make the quality of life better for them. There are also statutes that protect the consumer against fraudulent behavior and a tenant from environmental danger. The good that is intended is sometimes bound up in ropes of bureaucracy.

Government has its own way of doing things and can be a mystery to most people. There are requirements for evidence, procedures to be followed, and these must be done in a certain way for government to work effectively. Sometimes getting civil servants to move is like asking a glacier to speed it up. It can result in a number of telephone calls from a cubicle or time taken off from work to resolve matters. A group legal plan that can provide help in sorting through government forms is a great service.

Regulations Change without Warning

Reapplying for government benefits may be a routine matter for an employee without any problems at all. Unfortunately, the regulations for a given government service can change without warning. A person may receive an unexpected letter stating that the new regulations require information and procedures never done before. These changes can also be immediate. This causes frustration, and the person may be put under a severe amount of stress. Having a voluntary benefit that allows for legal assistance helps enormously in these situations. The lawyer in a group legal plan can patiently explain to an individual what the changes mean, and how best to respond to them. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a voluntary benefit that gives access to a network of attorneys. These are professionals who have experience with government benefits and services, and can help a plan member make sense of any changes. It is often the case of a simple misunderstanding of the new guidelines, and the attorney can answer the anxious questions a plan member may have.

Providing Extra Assistance

Explanations help but the person may still have problems with proper filing. A Countrywide voluntary benefit plan includes an unlimited number of phone calls to an attorney on a given matter. A plan member can go over additional questions or problems and have them straightened out. The attorney doesn’t just sit and answer questions. He or she can be asked to make telephone calls or provide correspondence to the appropriate government agencies. Sometimes that can get a government administrator moving with a little more energy than before. The expertise of a group legal plan attorney can often get the wheels of government turning and the benefits being released. It is a lawyer’s knowledge of administrative process that makes the voluntary benefit plan so valuable. Countrywide voluntary benefit plans place a high priority on customer service.

Our attorneys treat everybody as if he or she was the only client. Plan members can expect to be treated with courtesy. The attention to detail and the personal touch provided are reasons why many human resource directors have commented so favorably about Countrywide voluntary benefit plans. We place the individual at the top of the list.
We also have a variety of options for benefits that an employer may want to consider. We are very flexible in our plan design and will tailor it to the specified needs of an organization. We collaborate with management in developing just the right kind of legal assistance, and the administration is deliberately made as smooth and easy as possible.

No one should have to go through the frustration of government benefits being delayed. We can provide in the group legal plan help needed to file for any public service. We would welcome the opportunity to explain all we can do, and we encourage employers to get in touch with us about our service.

To find out more about our legal plan, please call us toll free at 1-800-550-LAWS or email us!