What Did That Paper Say?

Handshakes are rarely used anymore to seal the deal. It is not because people have become untrustworthy, but agreements for services have become increasingly more complex. It is very important to have something in writing, especially if the parties to the agreement are at a distance from each other. It can happen that a person gets confused going through all of the clauses of the paper. Legal terminology is something that perplexes a lot of people and can cause undue hesitation. Voluntary benefit plans for legal services should include contract review services because it can often stop things from getting out of control.

The Wording Creates Concern

The concern arises from reading words that are not used in everyday speech. The language of a contract is very precise in the eyes of the law but the average person worries that there may be something hidden. The stress caused creates a great deal of anxiety that sometimes carries over to the work cubicle. The company that has a voluntary benefit plan with legal assistance provides something that will ease a very worried mind. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan that allows for review of contracts and other legal documents. The attorneys who are part of the Countrywide legal network offer a review of legal documents up to six pages per document. Their experienced eyes can see the meaning behind the phrases and a plan member is advised of what certain sections mean. That is not the only service provided by a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan. We understand that a person may still have some questions, and that is why an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given situation are allowed.

There Are Additional Services As Well

There might be some other questions that are not easily answered and may require information from the other party. A Countrywide voluntary benefit plan attorney will make telephone calls on behalf of a group legal plan member. If it is necessary to write letters to the other party, the attorneys are willing to do that as well. These are the kind of benefits that can make a person feel a lot more comfortable. Our attorneys give the type of personal attention that an anxious person needs. These legal professionals are willing to go line by line over the contract. They can explain to a person what his or her obligations are, and give an informed opinion of whether or not the contract is worth signing. There is no such thing as a poor question to these attorneys. A person enrolled in a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan for legal assistance will be treated with respect. This attention to customer service has been favorably noted by human resource directors and plan members alike. That comes as no surprise because a Countrywide group legal plan puts the individual first.

Eliminating All the Confusion

Contracts should not be considered legal traps or tricks. All they require is a professional assessment to make the words become more clear and sensible. The review of legal contracts is one of the Countrywide group legal plan benefits that many people are glad to have. We know that management has special concerns that must be addressed, and that is why we tailor all of our voluntary benefit plans to suit the needs of the individual organization. We have designed legal benefit plans since 1987 and our list of satisfied clients includes unions, corporations, nonprofit organizations, associations, and professional groups. The administration of our plans is very simple. Best of all, the services rendered are both efficient and immediate. No plan member has to wait in line.

There are some other benefits that we can offer which may be of interest to an organization. We welcome any inquiry from human resources director or employer that wants to have the workforce covered by legal service benefits. Please do feel free to contact us and find out what we can do for your employees.

To find out more about our legal plan, please call us toll free at 1-800-550-LAWS or email us!