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Living Wills make the decisions easier

Most people live long healthy lives and face severe illness in the final days of old age. That scenario doesn’t always happen. An unexpected accident or medical emergency such as a stroke can throw a person into limbo. He or she may be stuck on life support systems that will keep a person alive, but strip individual of any quality of life. It is made much worse by an inability to communicate. The patient is in a coma and cannot give any instructions on what to do about medical care. This means that life is maintained only by the calibration of the support systems. Medical staff can do nothing but watch and wait. The same is true for the loved ones. A living will, which is one of the benefits of a good group legal plan, can bring this indefinite period of time to close.

The Instructions and the Wishes

There are limitations on what the doctors and attending medical staff can do. Life-support systems need to be kept going unless there are instructions that specify when they are to be shut off. A voluntary benefit plan that offers the opportunity to create a living will helps the situation. A plan member of such a group legal plan is able to indicate the care to be provided when he or she is comatose and cannot communicate. The plan member determines ahead of time exactly what medical treatment is to be performed and for how long. The attorneys of such a voluntary benefit plan will assist in drafting the living will document. This will include the exact legal language that can give permission to shut off life support systems if that is the case. Loved ones are then relieved of having to make a decision that can be heart rendering to say the very least. It is the voluntary benefit plan member who decides when medical efforts are to be brought to a close.

Service Provided with Sensitivity

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan which includes preparation of living wills. This can relieve a great deal of anxiety on the part of any person who is concerned about terminal health care. The lawyers in our legal network are skilled professionals who understand the nuances of the law. They will see to it that the language is drafted so that the wishes of a plan member are known. These attorneys also understand how sensitive the matter is to a person. A Countrywide voluntary benefit plan for legal assistance comes with high quality customer service. The attorneys do not take the living will document lightly. They carefully explain all the details and do so with considerable empathy. Human resource directors have commented favorably on the great customer service their employees have received. The care with which a living will is drafted is a prime example of how Countrywide treats all plan members with courtesy.

Nothing Is Left Out

Living wills drafted by Countrywide lawyers are complete with all the details included. The plan member always sees the draft before it is finalized. Such efficiency extends to administration of all Countrywide group legal plan benefits. We do not deal in boilerplate documents. Countrywide has designed voluntary benefit plans since 1987 and we work with the employer to draft a plan expressly for that organization. Those items that the employer wishes to have in the final plan document will be there, and nothing else. We do make recommendations but at the end of the day it is what the organization wants which will be the final plan.

We have a number of voluntary benefit options that an employer may want to consider, and each of these are provided with efficiency and respect. We encourage human resource directors and upper management to contact us about any questions, and discover those services that will truly benefit the workforce.

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