Enforcing the Fine Print

Making sure a Warranty is Enforced

Warranties help sell products. It is that little extra bit of protection or assurance that convinces a buyer to make a purchase of an appliance that might be just a touch more than the budget can handle. The cost doesn’t matter because the warranty protects against damage that may occur over a given period of time. It just seems to be a very sensible thing for consumer to do. It is if the issuer honors the warranty. It is a sad state of affairs but there are occasions when a manufacturer or store refuses to honor the warranty which they sold. Additionally, they can claim that interpretation of the fine print of the warranty exempts them from any liability. This a major point of frustration for a lot of people and results in a number of angry calls. All of this can be put to a side if an employer has a group legal plan for the workforce.

Wordy Confusion

Warranties are often written in language difficult to understand. An interpreter is needed, and an attorney is preferred. A lawyer who is part of a voluntary benefit plan can break the code. He or she is familiar with the terminology and can explain the terms. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan that allows a plan member speed access to a seasoned legal professional.

Comprehensive Service Is Available

The Countrywide voluntary benefit for legal services has a network of lawyers ready to help. These are not professionals at a distance; local attorneys are available. The lawyer who works with the group legal plan member inspects the warranty. The terms and conditions are analyzed to see what can be done, and a plan of action is determined. The lawyer’s service doesn’t end here. As part of the Countrywide voluntary benefit, he or she will make telephone calls or write letters to the warranty issuer. This communication usually brings a resolution to the original problem.

If the merchant or manufacturer remains stubborn, the attorney can discuss with a plan member how to effectively process consumer complaint. The individual can be assured Countrywide lawyer will be actively working on the problem until resolution is finally achieved.

The Extra Mile

Customer service is a key ingredient of any Countrywide voluntary benefit. Unlimited telephone calls about the problem can be made to the attorney. A plan member can also schedule a face-to-face consultation with no problem. Every lawyer associated with a Countrywide group legal plan knows the importance of empathy. All questions are answered with a sincere understanding of person’s frustration. The hands on touch we provide is a central feature of a Countrywide voluntary benefit.

Top Level of Efficiency

Countrywide attorneys are screened for legal expertise. They provide service promptly and efficiently. The voluntary benefit for legal services is specifically designed for the easy administration; something our clients deeply appreciate. Having worked with all types of clients since 1987, Countrywide can design a plan expressly for a given workforce. We have a number of possible options but ultimately what the client wants is what the client will receive.

No employee should have to verbally wrestle with a merchant over a purchased warranty. We can help end that problem quickly, and allow an employee to get back to business and work projects. Employers appreciate the number of service options that we can include in a benefit plan. Our identity theft protection service might be something to consider, and we would welcome the opportunity to fully explain how this can help employees. We appreciate any inquiry we receive, and we encourage human resources directors and organization decision-makers to contact us about all we have to offer.

Act now, contact us for more information or to set up an appointment with one of our Countrywide Representatives.