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The school of absurd tuition is now replacing the college of hard knocks. People are finding out just how difficult it is to maintain financial wellness in these times. Credit card debt is out of control for some people, but other folks have more fundamental concerns. These people want to know things like how to purchase a house, how to budget properly and reasonably, and for some advice on how to manage their college debt. Some vendors will provide websites that have little more than question and answer boxes. Most people don’t like that. They want to be able to talk to a real person. Additionally, they want the kind of advice they can use right away. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services will give them that good advice.

Our Counselors are Knowledgeable Experts

Even better, information will come from a real person and not a recording. We have a financial wellness program to help people better understand budgets and finances. Our nationwide network of certified counselors have made a career out of helping people understand the figures. The counseling we provide is the type that offers knowledge that anyone can use every day.

No one learns through intimidation or ridicule. Plan members are not stupid or irresponsible. Debt comes without warning, and they are afraid. What people might think of them only increases the anxiety.  Our counselors know this and concentrate on providing useful information without judgments. Going over a person’s budget, looking at the expenses and income, is not always easy. Counselors always keep the person’s feelings in mind.

A plan member learns step by step personal financing solutions he did not know before. It can be how to purchase a house and what loan programs are available. It could be understanding college loan programs and the options. It can even be ways of getting out of medical debt. The counselor goes over those that apply to the person. When all the mystery of budgets goes away, the plan member feels more in control of the situation. The fear leaves as knowledge replaces hunches. Our counselors provide excellent insights.

Debt Management Plans are Helpful

The financial conditions of some people are grave, and the anxiety of the plan member is quite high. Counselors may recommend a Debt Management Plan, which costs a little bit more. This instrument is developed based on a person’s total assets and the amount of debt. The plan is something to present to lenders and an effective repayment plan, which is easier on the person’s finances, can be created.

Education solves problems and makes people feel confident. Learning what to do helps plan members take better control their lives. It also permits them to concentrate better on work projects, no longer worrying about the bills waiting for them at home. The Countrywide financial wellness plan is something that benefits the employee and the employer. Each option has its special quality.

Clients Select the Benefits

We offer several options within the financial wellness program and an organization can decide which to have. We allow decision-makers to tell us what options are going to be part of their final plan. It permits the client to better structure a benefit to the demographics and needs of the workforce. More employees will use the benefit, making it very cost-effective thanks to the use of choice.

Countrywide is dedicated to superior service. We carefully screen all the counselors and make sure they have the expertise needed. We ensure that administration is easy, and getting assistance is never a problem. Learning more about this benefit is time well spent. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and find out more about the financial wellness program. We believe anyone will be impressed the more they learn about it.