Be Careful About Living Wills – They Must Be Written Carefully

stockfresh_3558891_lawyer-and-client-in-office_sizeS_487dc8-300x200We want to begin this article by telling you that a living will is an excellent idea. Accidents can happen, which leave a person in an unconscious state, and nobody knows what this almost lifeless individual wants to be done regarding medical care. A living will, if adequately written, spells out exactly what type of treatment is desired and whether the person wants life support systems turned off. Group legal plans will have drafting a living will as a benefit option and will market the idea to people. Nevertheless, we encourage caution.


A living will is not a DIY project. Additionally, using website templates to craft a document is not really a good idea. There could be some problems when professionals do not draft living wills.


An example of difficulty is the medical codes used. The wrong wording can generate confusion. Do Not Resuscitate can be misinterpreted. There also can be some problems with the type of treatment that the patient wants. Whoever writes the will needs to know medical terminology.


There must be evidence that a person has consented to the terms of the living will and was in full possession of mental faculties at the time the document was finalized. An amateur may forget those essential elements of the document. The family must know that the living will exists and if there is a person with medical powers of attorney. That person, by the way, might not be a family member.


Drafting a living will is a significant pre-paid legal services benefit, but a group legal plan must provide seasoned professionals to prepare the paperwork. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been providing group legal plan benefits for organizations for more than 30 years. We have considerable experience with the living will option.


The primary providers of the Countrywide pre-paid legal services are a nationwide network of attorneys. They deal with plan members on a face-to-face basis and are readily available for meetings.


Words of the Living Will


Countrywide attorneys are word masters. They know what terminology is needed to make a living will valid. A group legal plan member might not know what medical terms are necessary. The Countrywide attorney does and will explain. Drafting a living will is a partnership effort. Working with the plan member, our attorney will include the medical care this individual wants in the document. Countrywide can also assist in creating medical powers of attorney.


Overall, service quality is enhanced by secondary assistance. Countrywide lawyers can make telephone calls and write letters on legal stationery for a plan member. Such communications service allows the attorney to assist in required information gathering.


Our Clients Have a Say


Countrywide has the objective of every plan member being able to use our benefit. We ask our clients to help us reach that benchmark. Decision-makers are shown all our pre-paid legal services benefits, and we asked them to choose which ones they want for their employees. We will provide top-of-the-line administration.


We also furnish a high level of emotional intelligence. A living will is not easy to compose because it asks a plan member to consider a terminal illness. Our attorneys are noted for empathy and understanding. They will listen carefully to what a plan member wants, explain what words should be used, and help that individual develop a document that meets the desired need. Countrywide lawyers have high levels of empathy and our clients genuinely appreciate the concern shown to their employees.


The living will is one of the group legal plan benefits we provide for clients. There are other services we can offer, and all these help ordinary people deal with everyday legal situations. Please feel free to contact us and find out more about how Countrywide benefits all employees.