Helping with Depression – Countrywide Can Ease Those Financial Blues

01the-importance-of-a-comprehensive-legal-plan-article-4102-thumb-320x210-86253-thumb-320x210-86254-300x213Human resources understands the impact of depression on productivity. People who have anxiety or disturbing thoughts are distracted. Deadlines and business benchmarks might be ignored as a person tries to deal with inner demons. Depression can be expected any time a person’s financial wellness appears to be in jeopardy.

Hard Lessons in Life

Young employees are especially vulnerable to stress brought on by finances. This is more than just having to deal with a personal budget for the first time. Many are faced with paying off college debts that are staggering. Others must deal with credit card obligations and even health issues that can drain a normal paycheck. Worries about finances will affect a person’s decisions. The opportunity to buy a house may seem to be completely out of reach and saving for the future looks out of the question.

There is a ray of hope. Folks don’t need a financial handout to overcome a tight money situation. Being able to get information and some practical guidance for dealing with the bills can be enough. Anyone can survive tight financial conditions if they can develop plan. Good advice is essential. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services helps people deal with money issues. We have a financial wellness program that seeks to reduce the mental stress some people must endure because of their finances.

Financial Wellness Help

Countrywide has a national network of certified counselors to assist plan members. These professionals are committed to helping reduce the stress and lift the spirits. Our counselors work with personal finance challenges every day.

People get depressed when they are confused about their money; they are not sure how much they have each month or where the money is going. A Countrywide counselor will perform a budget analysis to determine a plan member’s cash flow. This analysis gives a better picture of the individual’s finances and it provides the data or any adjustments.

Tackling the Big Issues

Young employees are understandably nervous. Recent college graduates must deal with a college debt in addition to other monthly expenses. The Countrywide counselor can show these new workers avenues they may take in handling college loan repayment.

Many believe the notion that owning a house is no longer possible. Countrywide has a self-study program to acquaint plan members real estate purchases. A counselor will show how to make budget adjustments so that monthly mortgage payments are affordable.

Older employees have medical bills that eat into savings. Countrywide can help senior associates address the health-related expenses and keep financial wellness safe and sound.

Credit card debt causes nightmares for many employees. Double digit interest rates and penalties for missing a payment can drive anyone to distraction. Countrywide can help slay this dragon. Our counselors will show various means to reduce the credit load and manage payments without constant anxiety.

Seeking Help from Clients

Countrywide would like to have all our financial wellness plan members use the benefits. We are concerned the options in the plan might not be what everyone wants. We therefore ask our clients to help us develop the plan document.

We show prospective clients all our benefit options. We answer all questions and explain how the individual benefits can help employees. At that point we will allow the client to choose what options will be in the plan document. We follow up with high quality administration.

Empathy Matters

We expect our counselors to understand the stress our plan members are experiencing. Empathy and good communication skills are prerequisites for being part of our network. Those who cannot feel empathy for our plan members will not be working with us.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions about our financial wellness benefits. We firmly believe we can provide the assistance your employees need to deal with stressful financial challenges.