Be Careful About the Lease – The Clauses Can Hold Surprises


Employees who transfer into town are looking for place to live and not just stay. They want an apartment as soon as possible and are delighted when they find a place that is just right. The individual wants to move in as soon as possible and is anxious to sign a lease. That can be a problem.

The new tenant forgets to read the lease. That document is more than an agreement; it is a legal document. A tenant is bound to the terms and might accidentally sign away certain rights. Group legal plans should offer some protection against deceptive documents. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides for a review of legal documents that includes parental leases.

Experts Will Check the Clauses

The Countrywide national network of attorneys has legal professionals to review legalese for group legal plan members. Those lawyers know what should and should not be in a lease.

For example, some landlords try to use arbitration to settle disputes and ask tenants to surrender legal rights to permit this (many states prohibit landlords from asking tenants to give up legal rights but not everyone knows this). Other landlords will use copies of out-of-state leases that are not legally valid. The Countrywide attorney will notice these irregularities. The lawyer can point them out to the plan member, preventing major issues from occurring.

Other Services besides Document Review

Countrywide empowers the lawyer to offer other pre-paid legal services. Letters and legal stationery can be drafted on behalf of the plan member and telephone calls to third parties are permissible. Such assistance alerts a landlord to the presence of legal counsel. Such awareness will quickly change arrogant or obnoxious attitudes.

There are additional pre-paid legal services we offer. A Countrywide attorney may help plan member file a complaint against an unreasonable landlord. Other legal assistance is possible depending on what the client organization wants.

Employers Will Compose the Plan

Employers do not want their workers to be victimized by unethical landlord or flawed warranties. Pre-paid legal services must be those employees use and it is important, therefore, to offer a benefit that has functioning services. Countrywide hopes the group legal plan we offer have options employees can take advantage of to solve problems. We guarantee that by allowing clients to pick the services they want for their group plan. It means that those who have a better understanding of the needs of the workforce and its demographics will determine the services. Decision-makers will quickly notice how Countrywide benefit options complement each other. Services such as document review fit neatly with consumer protection services and with the drafting of wills.

Convenience will always be a quality of a Countrywide plan no matter what legal services are in it. Our plan members receive top priority attention from network attorneys. A conference is easy to arrange because the lawyer practices in the community where the client is located. Group legal plan members have a lot of questions and our attorneys will answer all of them. An individual can forget to ask important questions in a conference. There is no need to worry about the charge for contacting the lawyer. Countrywide will permit an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject. It is our way of making certain that any uncertainty or ambiguity is cleared up quickly.

Reviewing legal documents ends any uncertainty about a contract or other situation a group legal plan member enters into. A plan member should contact an attorney for document review before signing anything, but the attorney will still review a signed document and answer questions about it. We realize that a prospective client may have a few questions about our services. In that case, our advice is very simple: please contact us.

We want to be able to explain our benefits and answer any inquiries. Please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience so you can find out more about the Countrywide advantage.