Managing the Credit Beast – Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Helps You Be in Control


Tales of credit cards are the horror stories of personal finance. Consumers get anxious about their plastic and worry about staggering debt amounts which threaten financial wellness. Credit card anxiety may lead to some drastic decisions that are not the best.

Ignorance Is Not Financial Bliss

Folks might want to swear off credit cards but that is a mistake. You need those cards to establish a personal credit rating. A person might try to pay large monthly amounts to reduce the credit card balance. That can be at the expense of other essential needs and the proposed cure might be worse than the disease. Most cardholders could use a sensible plan of action to handle the debt. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can help design one.

Our Counselors Will Protect Financial Wellness

Countrywide provides service with a nationwide network of certified counselors. They are professionals who assist with personal finances and know how to deal with credit card debt. Many consumers have no idea about budgeting. Our counselors can advise on creating a workable budget.

A budget analysis is performed to provide a snapshot of a plan member’s personal finances. The counselor uses the information to sketch a budget plan for this person. Our counselors assist in developing credit card management that protects financial wellness. A way to pay down various balances is crafted and the plan member has a guide for paying the debt.

That budget plan is important. A financial wellness plan member who follows the advice of a Countrywide counselor will benefit. Recent college graduates may know nothing about budgeting while other employees are faced with all kinds of other debt, such as medical bills or personal loans. They may believe they do not have the money needed to pay down credit cards. A counselor can indicate where savings can be realized in the personal budget. If there are serious problems with some of the cards, the counselor can suggest ways to negotiate either lower interest rates or different forms of payment. It is the expertise of these professionals that many times prevents a serious disaster.

The Employer Has a Voice

Organizations want to help their employees, but they insist on providing service that has value. Anything less is nothing more than a wall ornament. Countrywide has worked with all types of organizations and we are aware that employers have different labor demographics and their employees have unique preferences. We want to make sure that the financial wellness benefit we provide is what is required. It is why we allow clients to choose what benefit options will be in their plan. We realize that some of our services will not be included but that is fine with us. What every client will get from us is superior service, counselors with high emotional intelligence, and administration that is tailored to provide quick service.

Of course, we all should live within our means and have a healthy respect for debt. Credit cards are a convenience but using them must not be a way of life. Countrywide helps plan members understand the finances and appreciate how a sensible use of credit cards will avoid calamities. The advice our benefit provides is something that employees are going to appreciate. Personal finances weigh heavily on anyone’s mind. Alternatives and the best way to spend money provide tips a person can use daily. Financial wellness is a service to employees that they like, and they gain respect for their employers because of it.

Our benefits are some of the best in the industry and we are proud of the reputation Countrywide has developed. If you have questions about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We would appreciate any opportunity to talk to you about how Countrywide can help your employees.