Beaware the Dotted Line

Contract Language Has Consequences



Ordinary contracts are not large documents. It takes a few pages to determine what one party must do and what the other party is obligated to pay or give. Nevertheless, even in a small contract, there are clauses that hold consequences. Not being aware of what the words mean can be dangerous.

The part of the contract that can be the biggest problem are those clauses that involve penalties for work not performed, or products not provided. The contract can stipulate exactly what a person needs to do and the penalty is in force when the person doesn’t do it. Too many people are in a rush and sign contracts without carefully reading them. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has seen too many people run into problems because of not reading a contract. Our group legal plan benefit includes a review of contracts for the plan members.

We Use the Best Lawyers

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who will work with our plan members. A pre-paid legal services benefit is a review of a contract up to six pages in length (PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to have a contract reviewed before you sign it.). A plan member can give the document to an attorney for his or her inspection. If there are questions about the content, a Countrywide attorney will explain the language. It allows the individual to get a better understanding of the arrangement.

There can be some other questions regarding the language of the contract. There’s no need to hesitate in finding out the answers. Countrywide will permit its attorneys to make telephone calls and draft correspondence on behalf of the group legal plan member. Clarity is sought and received. The plan member is then more comfortable about signing the paper.

We Provide Superior Service

Organizations want employees to get superior benefits. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has worked with employers for the last 30 years in providing the very best. We allow our clients to decide what benefit options will be in their group legal plan. Maybe writing a simple will or help with public agencies will also be part of the plan. It makes no difference to us because we will provide what the client wants. What we guarantee on our side is superior service. We have a streamlined administration to make things easier for human resources and the plan members.

Furthermore, we expect any lawyer who is the process of qualifying for a group legal plan relationship to have great personal skills. Patience is a virtue, but it is also a service. Contracts are not easy to understand, and a Countrywide attorney must explain things. It requires a patient voice and ability to answer questions. An attorney who does not have people sensitive skills cannot be part of the Countrywide group legal plans systems. We expect the very best.

Our Clients Appreciate What We Do

The Countrywide commitment to great pre-paid legal services does not go unnoticed. Many of our clients have a long-term relationship with us, stemming from meetings and actions which have served employees. We have no problem with anyone checking references or asking around about us. We have a solid reputation in the industry. Our client sensitivity is the reason.

Contracts are something that an average person worries about. There is no need to do that if a Countrywide lawyer inspects the papers first. We want to be able to answer questions anyone has about contract review or any of the other Countrywide benefits. We believe that inspection of the services we offer will impress anyone. A decision-maker who wants to offer excellent pre-paid legal services to employees ought to get in contact with us. We welcome all inquiries and answer all questions completely. Please feel free to contact us at your conveni