Borrowing is a Bad Idea

It Can Lead to Hurt Feelings




Employees appreciate health insurance. They are grateful when their employer provides coverage to handle medical costs. Nevertheless, there is the deductible to worry about. Modern deductibles are as high as $5000 or more. These impact on financial wellness. It can be difficult to pay a deductible when you are already cash-strapped. Some people will borrow the money to pay the deductible. They will ask family and friends to help. This gets old quickly.

Parents are willing to offer assistance, but they have their own problems, and the same is true for friends. A person ends up owing money to those closest to him or her, creating bad feelings which can last for years. It is better to be able to budget sensibly. There are employees you don’t know much about budgeting and could use some advice. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to help out.

Good Financial Advice is Important

We have a financial wellness program intended to provide information and guidance on budgeting. Medical bills can look frightening, but they are controllable. Our nationwide network of certified counselors deals with the deductible debt situations all the time. The first step is to look at the cash flow of a plan member. Counselors determine then how to address the medical bill payment situation. They advise financial wellness plan member on how to approach the health care provider and figure out a payment plan. There is no need to worry about collection agencies because hospitals are willing to work with anyone. It is not that difficult to arrange for periodic payments and is much better than borrowing or having a collection agency knock on the door.

We Respect Plan Members

One challenge a plan member faces is personal pride. This individual wants to be financially responsible, and medical bills are not something ordinarily budgeted for. It can be embarrassing to have a third party look at personal cash flow. Countrywide respects the feelings of financial wellness plan members, and we expect our counselors to be the very same way. Courtesy and respect are mandatory just as it is for a lawyer qualifying for a group legal plan relationship with Countrywide. Our members are given priority, as they do with our group legal plans, and moved to the front of the line.

Organizations who offer medical insurance must keep in mind how employees feel about deductibles. Many staff personnel grumble about the size of the deductible and feel as if the entire benefit is worthless. No employer can allow that to happen, but many ignore the gravity of the situation. It is not out of the question for a good employee to seek another job whose health insurance has a lower deductible. Countrywide offers an opportunity to soften the blow of any deductible. The right type of counseling and guidance assist a person in dealing with the cost.

The Plan Fits the Needs of the Client

Our financial wellness program is not a boilerplate plan. We believe that an organization has the right to decide what benefits will be in the program. We have several options from which to choose, and the employer may decide what is best for the organization’s workforce. Countrywide provides a service that is streamlined to allow for faster administration. We also add the personal touch. We do not rely on a website page to answer questions, and our counselors themselves provide answers to questions.

Borrowing from loved ones must always be a last resort and not the first option. An individual can avoid an emotional confrontation by understanding how to budget for a medical bill. That knowledge is something our counselors provide at any session. Countrywide firmly believes that its financial wellness benefit is a means of addressing modern issues with positive solutions.

You may have questions about our program, and we welcome the opportunity to provide the answers. Please feel free to contact us at our earliest convenience and find out more about the Countrywide solution.