Being Ready for Disaster Countrywide Prepares People

stockfresh_3279849_costs-benefits_sizeS_e3a3fc-300x200Death might come in a flash or months. A cardiac arrest may leave a person in a vegetative state. That is a personal disaster, but a much more significant problem will affect loved ones.

No Communication

People must communicate their wishes to a hospital or healthcare facility. There may be treatments a person objects to, and these must be avoided. Conversely, a patient might want the procedure performed. Hospitals must keep unless healthcare providers are told to turn off life support systems, the machines keep running. That will cause a second disaster.

Financial Wellness is Imperiled

Life support systems keep a person alive indefinitely. The patient may be unresponsive, but technology keeps the body living in suspended animation. The cost gradually becomes greater.

Deductions and co-payments must be met, and the patient’s financial assets can start to dry up. A family is then faced with expenses that become a severe burden. The estate cannot be settled until death, and costs such as mortgages and tuition will not be met. Group legal plans need to provide a solution, but not all will do that. Fortunately, Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services includes livings wills among its group legal plan options.

The Benefit

Countrywide has a national network of experienced lawyers who provide the pre-paid legal services. These legal professionals will draft living wills for group legal plan members. The lawyer gives our plan members priority status, and a socially distant conference can be easily arranged.

Additional Services are Provided

Countrywide wants to give value-added service to group legal plan members. We include medical powers of attorney with the living will benefit. The medical powers of attorney assign a person to convey the patient’s wishes to the doctors. The benefit is the relief given to loved ones: they do not make the tough decisions.

Countrywide lawyers can also write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. An unlimited number of telephone calls to a Countrywide attorney on a given subject is possible.

Clients Decide

We provide several pre-paid legal services to our group legal plan members. Countrywide asks the client to decide what options will be in the plan. Those selections are part of the final plan document, and Countrywide provides administration. We furthermore offer empathy.

Human Touch Matters

The prospects of death are not easy for many folks to accept. Plan members are aware of the tragedy sudden accidents cause, but it is not easy to talk about a living will. Our lawyers understand the hesitancy. Patience is not just a virtue but a job requirement of our legal experts. We insist that good listening skills be included in a Countrywide attorney’s toolbox.

The lawyer will carefully explain living wills and note the benefits of having one. A plan member may have some questions, and the attorney will answer all the inquiries. A Countrywide legal professional will offer some suggestions on the type of person who should have the medical powers of attorney. The usual decisions and actions inherent in the medical powers will be explained in detail.

We hope that our attorneys’ sincere efforts make a person feel more comfortable taking advantage of this valuable benefit. The discussion may turn to the possibility of drafting a simple will as well. If that benefit is in the plan document, Countrywide will compose a simple will based on the plan member’s wishes. We will advise, but we will not lecture anyone. The plan member makes the decisions.

If you are interested in Countrywide’s pre-paid legal services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will explain all our options and answer any questions. We can help your employees with common legal issues, and we welcome any chance to talk with you.