Providing Help to Seniors Older Employees Benefit from Countrywide

stockfresh_8337903_senior-couple-pointing-to-a-distance_sizeS-300x200An organization employs people from different demographics. Each employee has a set of skills and works hard to meet goals. Senior employees, those over age 50, bring a wealth of knowledge gleaned from experience. Management needs those people to be productive, and smart executives try to remove any roadblocks. Older associates do have anxieties that center on financial wellness. The money issues can be very distracting.


Major Bills and Other Worries 


The upcoming golden years present challenges that were not there years ago. Student loan debt is troubling if a senior employee is helping a child pay the education bill. Medical problems are covered by group health insurance, but deductibles and copayments can harm the wallet.


Older workers want to contribute more to their retirement plans but do not have the money. Various insurance policies to help protect an estate are unaffordable because money is too tight to mention. Seniors may have a house too large to handle once the kids move out. The parents want to downsize, but decades have passed since these older folks bought a house. They are unfamiliar with changes in real estate and mortgage financing.


Older employees could use some help. Management does not have to bust the budget to assist these loyal, hard workers. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness plan that will ease troubled minds.


Certified Counselors Will Assist


Countrywide believes in the human touch. The best assistance does not come from a chat room, but from rapport created by positive communications. We have a nationwide network of certified counselors. They are not green rookies. Our counselors have years of experience helping people with everyday financial challenges. It is easy to set up a conference that is social distance friendly. Our counselors give the financial wellness plan members priority treatment.


Advice That Matters


Countrywide counselors will provide useful advice on how to handle college loans. The same is true for dealing with medical errors. There are some basic services an older employee associate would appreciate.


Our counselors can do a budget analysis to help make sense of expenses and free cash retirement contributions. If a person thinks of having a simple will drafted, the counselor can do an asset inventory. The financial wellness plan member may want to buy a smaller house. Our “Make Your Move” self-study course educates people about real estate and all its changes.


Client Sensitive


We work closely with our clients. The financial wellness plan is designed with client input. Countrywide will explain all the benefit options, and the client gets to choose. The final plan reflects these selections.


Excellent Communication


We think it is essential that any attorney show courtesy to plan members. Empathy and understanding are also critical. We want to assure the prospective client that the employees are going to be treated with respect. Our counselors are recruited based on not only financial knowledge but also emotional intelligence. We want every financial wellness plan to feel comfortable working with our people. The human touch we bring to an employee benefit is a reason why Countrywide is an industry leader. We respect those who seek our help.


Older employees look forward to the retirement years, but there is still a distance for them to go. Dealing with finances is never easy, and we want to make it simpler. We know from our own experience that older staff welcome any help they receive. It shows that the employer is concerned about them both now and in their golden years. The consideration is incentive to continue to be productive and efficient.


If you have any questions about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are ready to respond to your inquiries, and we would welcome the opportunity to give your employees the kind of benefit they can use.