Bring an End to Worry – Personal Finances Can Be Managed


Personal finances can be a significant source of stress and worry. It is not always easy to balance the books and people are often required to live from paycheck to paycheck. Any sudden emergency can upset matters and lead to private chaos. Too many bills and money concerns can disrupt financial wellness.

Some Sense of Order

People will try to bring order to their financial house, but they are not always successful. Inexperience can create problems. Recent college graduates may have no experience with budgeting. Someone who is recently promoted or gets a pay raise may not understand how to allocate the extra cash efficiently. The resulting confusion can range from minor headaches to a real crisis. No one wants either. Receiving good financial advice helps a person chart a sensible course.

Countrywide Uses Financial Professionals

Financial wellness consists of paying bills properly, managing emergencies effectively, and planning for future costs or investments. No employer should expect all employees to be money experts. Professional guidance is an appreciated benefit. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a Financial Wellness Plan that gives the best cash counseling.

We use a nationwide network of financial counselors. They are certified experts working in a client organization’s local community. It is easy to schedule a meeting with a Countrywide counselor.

Personal budgeting is the most common challenge people have. Many don’t have a clear understanding of where their paycheck is going. Our counselor will do a benefit analysis for a plan member. The counselor points out cost areas where a little fine-tuning can be done. Suggestions on how to make payments easier will be discussed, and advice on how to save money will be shared.

Emergencies cause panic and harm financial wellness. Hasty decisions about what to do can make matters worse. Countrywide will do an asset inventory to uncover what can be sold to cover the bill. Our counselors will tell plan members how to negotiate reasonable payment plans and use available government services.

A plan member might have serious financial troubles. Countrywide has a debt management plan to provide valuable counseling and additional member services. Anyone filing for bankruptcy can look to Countrywide for assistance.

The Client’s Role

We do not provide a boilerplate benefit plan. We know that what we offer must be designed to fit the needs of the client. We must be sure that our Financial Wellness Plan is something all the employees can use.

We ask the employer to help us with the design. We show decision-makers our options and explain each one carefully. We answer any questions that come up at the meeting, or later. The employer will then make a final decision. That organization will select those benefits that are going to be part of their plan. We see to it that the options are included in the final document.

We want to point out that any one of our financial wellness benefits is going to reduce the stress and anxiety of employees. We could help with advice on paying college debt or managing medical bills. We also can give instruction and information to make an employee a much better consumer. Many young employees want to buy a house. We have an educational program to show them how to navigate the waters of buying a home and avoiding the pitfalls that some homebuyers fall into by accident. “Make Your Move” is a recognized instructional guide to real estate. Plan members are given the very best member service no matter what the benefits are. We are committed to satisfying every person and our counselors are proven problem solvers.

If you have questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We believe you will like what we have to offer and agree with us that our benefits are what your employees need.