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Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney

Medical tragedies come as fast as a speeding car out of the dark. A person is on a life support system with no chance of recovery, but because he or she cannot communicate instructions that medical state of limbo is maintained indefinitely. The family is aware that hope is gone, but the hospital is required to do everything possible to keep the person alive. This prolongs grief and isn’t necessary. A voluntary benefit that provides good legal services can end this situation.

Living Wills and Medical Power Of Attorney

An effective group legal plan allows for the drafting of living wills. These give in detail what a person wants to have regarding medical treatment. The instructions are followed when this person is in a coma or otherwise medically incapacitated and unable to give direction. It removes any uncertainty and healthcare providers can move accordingly. Medical power of attorney authorizes a person to make medical decisions regarding a loved one who is incapacitated or on life support. This doesn’t make the decisions any easier, but it does allow for firm guidance to be given to the hospital about what is to be done for the patient. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan, the Personal Legal Protector Plan, which provides for creating living wills and medical power of attorney documents. This is a voluntary benefit that makes incredibly difficult decisions much easier to make.

Compassionate Professionals Provide the Service

It is not easy for a person to come to grips with the idea of mortality. Everyone wants to live forever but few people want to be kept barely alive on life support systems. Lawyers who are part of the Countrywide network understand the sensitivity of this. These professionals have exemplary people skills and members of a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan receive exceptional customer service. The attorneys will go over what is required in living wills or medical power of attorney instructions, and answer any and all questions. If a plan member has future questions, he or she has the right to make an unlimited number of phone calls on the given situation. The attorney will answer those inquiries completely and entertain any other questions. Anyone who is enrolled in a voluntary benefit for legal services provided by Countrywide has the opportunity to review the drafts. We realize how sensitive the issues are and will not rush anyone into making final decisions about living wills or medical power of attorney.

A Benefit That Showcases an Employer’s Empathy

Good employers want the best for their workforce and legal services that provide for living wills shows concern for the individual. Human resources realize that a living will reduces the claims experience of life support systems, but also how having such a document brings closure to the loved ones left behind. Reducing the grief of the survivors is definitely something that human resources wishes to do. A voluntary benefit that will allow employees to draft living wills and medical power of attorney documents assures that the anguish of losing a family member is not indefinitely prolonged.

Living wills and medical power of attorney enable an employee to make decisions prior to catastrophe. A voluntary benefit that provides the needed legal assistance is something that is sincerely appreciated. Countrywide works with employers to design a group legal plan that fits the needs of the workforce. We have been developing group legal plans since 1987, and we are very flexible in designing just the right benefit for any organization.

A human resources director or employer who is interested in what we provide is encouraged to contact us today! We welcome the opportunity to answer any and all questions these decision-makers may have.

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