No Consumer should be a Victim

Legal protection from unethical business is possible

The phrase “caveat emptor” is the judicial warning given to consumers in the business world. That the buyer must beware is a recommendation for caution, but it shouldn’t mean that a person has to be on their guard at all times. Consumer protection law is meant to protect the unsuspecting from the shady business practices of others. A challenge arises when a person is unfamiliar with the process of finding a complaint seeking redress. This can cause a great deal of frustration, and a voluntary benefit for legal services provided by a company can reduce the anxiety.

Walking through a Consumer Maze

Seeking a remedy for a consumer related problem can take time, especially if a person is a novice in the area consumer protection law. Obtaining a solution can mean any number of telephone calls made at work, or even time taken off from the job to deal with a consumer protection agency. Employers need their best people on the job working to finish projects and meet deadlines. A group legal plan that offers assistance with consumer protection complaints shifts the work to a third-party who has legal expertise. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows how aggravating a consumer related issue can be for a person. We have a group legal plan, the Personal Legal Protector Plan, which provides help with consumer complaints.

Our network of attorneys has a superior understanding of consumer protection law, and they can assist with the process. It is knowledge based on experience. The lawyers in our voluntary benefit plan have worked with consumer protection agencies and know what is needed to file a comprehensive and successful complaint. They can provide guidance to a plan member that will help get the situation resolved. One of the features of a Countrywide group legal plan is the ability for attorneys to write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of plan member. More often than not an unethical business suddenly begins to see reason when a telephone call from an attorney or correspondence on letterhead stationery arrives. It can happen that restitution is made before the complaint was even filed. That saves an awful time and trouble.

Our lawyers also know that superior customer service is important. They are willing to explain in detail what has to be done file a proper consumer complaint, and assure the plan member that justice will be served. A member of our group legal plan has the right to make as many phone calls as necessary to the attorney, and even schedule a face-to-face consultation if so desired. Our attorneys are selected a combination of legal expertise and client sensitivity. The problem of any plan member of a Countrywide voluntary benefit is taken very seriously and is dealt with as quickly as possible. This attention to detail and the feelings of a plan member are primary reasons why so many human resources directors have commented favorably about Countrywide voluntary benefit plans. We give legal services with the human touch.

We also design a voluntary benefit plan that fits the needs of an employer. Countrywide will make any adjustments that are necessary to better serve the workforce of an organization. We have been providing legal services benefits since 1987, and our client list includes organizations of all types. The administration of any of our voluntary benefit plans is intended to be as efficient and simple as possible.

An employee should not stew in his or her cubicle about what an unethical company has done. With the right legal service, this person can take advantage of consumer protection law and have a wrong put to right. We would welcome the opportunity to explain to any employer all the benefits we have that provide a real service to employees. Please do feel free to contact us.