Slicing Through the Red Tape Jungle

Believe it or not government agencies are not designed to cause headaches. These public sector organizations are intended to provide service and help citizens solve problems. Unfortunately, in an effort to assure fairness and proper administration there are a lot of regulations and procedures that must be followed. A person dealing with a government agency can begin to feel frustrated with all the paperwork. An employer can help by offering a voluntary benefit that gives the right kind of legal services, including help with government agencies.

Complex Things Made Easier

It is often the language that is so bewildering. People usually don’t have to deal with formal legalese on a daily basis at work. They get frustrated when they try to understand the language of the forms, and agonize over how to interpret them. The confusion can become a distraction that takes time away from business, which is something management definitely does not want to have happen. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan that provides access to experienced attorneys. The Personal Legal Protector Plan allows a plan member to take advantage of the expertise these lawyers have with the various forms and procedures of government agency. The voluntary benefit permits an unlimited number of phone calls to the attorney to ask questions about a particular agency’s paperwork process. The attorneys have dealt with the government before and they are aware of what to do to keep the process moving.

The group legal plan provided by Countrywide also allows for these attorneys to write letters and make phone calls on behalf of plan members. This means these hard-working employees do not have to take time away from a serious project to address an issue with an agency. The voluntary benefit in effect allows a third party to do a lot of the legwork in preparing applications and getting information ready.

That Little Extra

It can be a frustrating chore working with government agencies to get needed service.
Countrywide attorneys understand how plan members feel, and empathy is a quality these legal professionals all have. Our attorneys will carefully explain the government process and what backup information is needed. Their insights gained through years of experience can cut to the heart of the matter and eliminate some of the red tape that is slowing things down.

Courtesy and respect is something that is a part of every

Countrywide voluntary benefit plan. We want our attorneys to be well-informed in all matters of the law, and we do expect that they will show courtesy and respect to any plan member. It doesn’t matter who that person is, he or she will be treated as if they were the only client of an attorney. Superior customer service is that little extra that we provide better than anyone else in the industry.

No one should have to be bogged down by agency administrative trivia. The Countrywide group legal plan will slice through the knotty issues and help a plan member get the kind of service from government he or she needs. Human resources will be glad to know that a Countrywide voluntary benefit is not difficult to administer at all. The kind of assistance provided is something that all employees appreciate, that is why such legal services are given serious consideration by management. Countrywide is flexible in designing group legal plans for employees. We will see to it that the final plan designed fits exactly the expectations of management.

Countrywide has developed voluntary benefit plans since 1987 for all types of organizations. Employees need to be able to get government services and we help make that happen.

Take a look at the other qualities we offer in our group legal benefit plans and we encourage you to contact us today! We welcome inquiries from anyone about what we have to offer.