Calming Domestic Storms

Legal services can quickly resolve family issues

Everyone wants to be able to unwind after a hard day of work. Home is the place where a tired person wants to relax but that’s not what always happens. There may be problems on the home front that involve legal action of various types. This causes an awful lot of stress as the castle is being assaulted by various issues that may have arisen unexpectedly. The result is an employee with frayed nerves and full of anxiety about domestic problems. A worker sensitive employer understands such troubles and has a group legal plan in place to help.

A Mountain of Worry

The crisis can come from any number of sources. It might be visitation rights, disputes with the rent, minor traffic violations, or needing government help. The court system can be very frightening for an individual and has caused more than a few headaches. A voluntary benefit that will allow access to an experienced attorney is a godsend for anyone who is faced with volatile domestic issues. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan that will offer needed help. The Personal Legal Protector Plan can provide a voluntary benefit plan that gives the right legal support for a given situation.

The Countrywide network of lawyers has experience and considerable professional expertise. Any one of these legal professionals can help a plan member overcome what looked to be insurmountable obstacles. The attorneys provide advice, write letters on behalf of plan members, assist in preparing small claims court cases, and help with securing public agency assistance. These are just a few of the advantages that can be provided in a voluntary benefit plan to a harried employee.

Superior Customer Service

Countrywide knows that more than just advice is needed to resolve problems. That is why the benefits offered in a Countrywide group legal plan includes important customer service. A plan member has the right to unlimited phone calls to attorney on a given legal issue, and a face-to-face consultation is available if necessary. We screen our attorneys on their level of professional expertise, but we also look at their people skills. A Countrywide lawyer has to be able to calm the waters. He or she must be able to carefully explain all the legal options, and gently guide the plan member to the right decisions. The plan member is treated with respect and courtesy, regardless of who he or she may be within the client organization. We expect empathy from our attorneys and it is readily furnished.

Design Flexibility

Employers know the value of providing legal services of employees, but they want a group legal plan to best reflect the needs of the workforce. Countrywide has been in the business of designing voluntary benefit plans since 1987, and we have worked with all kinds of organizations to provide the very best service. We will be glad to tailor any benefit plan to the desires of the employer. We also see to it that our voluntary benefit plans are very easy to administer. Human resources will not be bogged down with administrative chores or forms to complete. The legal assistance provided by the Countrywide network of attorneys is done efficiently a timely basis. No one has to wait for an attorney to return calls or write important letters.

The earlier a domestic crisis is resolved, the less negative impact it has on employee productivity. Countrywide offers an array of voluntary benefit plan options any employer may want to consider for employees to help these hard working people. These include among other possibilities credit monitoring and protection from identity theft. We would be more than happy to go over all of the options possible with any employer or human resources director. We encourage anyone who is interested to please feel free to give us a call and find out all of the legal benefits Countrywide has to offer.

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