Small Claims should not be a Big Issue

Small Claims cases are simple with good legal advice

Major crimes and felonies make the news but in many situations the law in modern society is practiced in small claims courts. Minor disputes are heard and settled in these chambers and usually attorneys are not present. Small claims cases are important but also extremely irritating. An individual has to spend a fair amount of time just getting the evidence together to present the case. Such data collection may take place during working hours, and that is not something management wants to have happen. To keep employees better focused on work and not on a day in court, many companies will have a voluntary benefit that provides necessary legal assistance.

Preparing the Case

Attorneys know what is needed when it comes to evidence for small claims court. A group legal plan can offer a benefit that gives a plan member an attorney’s advice. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a comprehensive voluntary benefit called the Personal Legal Protector Plan. It offers a network of lawyers who can be used to help get a case ready for presentation.

The Countrywide lawyers have dealt with small claims and can explain in great detail what is necessary. Many people don’t realize that there are limits to the amount a person can sue for, and the attorneys can advise what the limit is in a given state. There are any number of questions that a person may have and the Countrywide attorney will allow for an unlimited number of telephone calls to provide advice on a given case. The attorney can also help prepare the evidence for anyone in the group legal plan so that the case is delivered in a professional and orderly way.

Collecting the Award

The court may decide in favor of the voluntary benefit plan member but securing the judgment amount can be a different story. It is up to the individual to collect the award and this can generate a stack of paperwork. A good voluntary benefit for legal services will include having the attorney file necessary paperwork, and the Countrywide benefit has that. Our attorneys can prepare was necessary to garnish the defendant’s wages or place a lien against that individual’s property. What the lawyer is able to do is often enough to have the defendant do what is necessary to provide the amount ordered judgment. If nothing else, the legal assistance allows a plan member to concentrate better on work assignments instead of dealing with forms.

Our attorneys understand how frustrating and stressful a small claims case can be. It is why they not only provide sound legal advice, but also the type of customer service that settles anxious nerves. Countrywide chooses attorneys on not just legal knowledge, but empathy as well. Anyone who has a voluntary benefit through Countrywide will be given the kind of sincere respect he or she is looking for, and answers to all questions. Countrywide attorneys are professionals who provide service with the human touch.
Employers will notice that hard-working employees who are part of a group legal plan are not as distracted by legal issues outside of work.

Human resources will of course be glad to see how little administrative work is required with any of our voluntary benefits. Ever since 1987 we have worked with employers of all types to provide a good group legal plan for their respective employees. We are flexible in plan design because we know that one size does not necessarily fit all employers. The final plan that is offered to employees contains all the benefits that the employer wants to offer employees.

We have a wide variety of benefit options from which to choose and we certainly welcome any inquiries. We invite employers and human resources directors to contact us and ask about our services. We are positive they will like types of benefits we offer, the ease of administration, and a high level of service we provide.