Defending the Warranty with Good Legal Guidance

Attorneys can assist in obtaining the service

Warranties are offers of service and are ordinarily part of a final sale. The manufacturer or retail company promises that certain services will be performed if and when over a period of time the item proves to be defective. They will include a warranty particularly on durable appliances such as washing machines and also automobiles. Consumers will buy these warranties which are good for several years on a given commodity. The challenge arises when the product proves ineffective but the warranty is declared not applicable.

The manufacturer or store may claim that only in certain unique instances will the warranty be honored. In other words, a warranty purchased in good faith may prove to be worthless. It doesn’t always happen but unethical companies will refuse to honor their warranty; confident that the consumer can’t do much of anything. That smug corporate smile vanishes when it is discovered the consumer has access to legal help. A good group legal plan offers such assistance.

Understanding Warranty

A service warranty may only cover certain things such as mechanical failure. The company can turn on a consumer and claim his or her abuse caused the problems and therefore the warranty does not apply. A voluntary benefit for legal services enables a person to look to a lawyer for guidance. This seasoned professional can quickly ascertain from the language of the warranty and what exactly is required of the issuing company. The attorney who is part of voluntary benefit can explain to the plan member what his or her rights are and what courses of action can be taken.

Determined Assistance Is Provided

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan that allows a person to talk with an attorney over the issue of warranty. Included in our voluntary benefit for legal services are an unlimited number of letters and telephone calls an attorney can make on behalf of a plan member. In this way the attorney advocates for the plan member, permitting that person to spend time on work projects instead of dealing with a company reluctant to honor its warranty. If common sense doesn’t appear to sway the warranty issuer, a Countrywide attorney in the group legal plan can offer advice as far as how to file consumer complaints. While there is no guarantee of always having a successful outcome, the increased presence of legal assistance can make a company more willing to finally honor the terms of the warranty as it is written.

Efficient Administration and Excellent Customer Service
Countrywide realizes the great level of frustration a plan member dealing with a warranty dispute faces. It is a distraction that makes for a lot of angry phone calls from the office.

Countrywide reduces this level of stress by administering all the voluntary benefits offered with superior efficiency. There are no time-consuming forms be completed or unnecessary work for the plan member or human resources. Countrywide sees to it that the best legal services are provided in a Countrywide legal services plan.

All benefits come with the kind of customer service that human resources expects from any benefits provider. Our attorneys are experienced professionals but they also have exceptional people skills. All the clauses of a warranty are carefully gone over and a plan member’s options are fully explained. Plan members have the right to unlimited phone calls to the attorney for any given issue, and they can expect courtesy and sensitivity as part of the service rendered.

Countrywide has been offering voluntary benefit plans to Organizations since 1987. Group legal plan such as our Personal Legal Protector Plan have a number of options that employer may want to consider. We are always flexible and will include in any voluntary benefit whatever the employer feels is important to have. We encourage anyone interested in our services to contact us and find out all that we have to offer.

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