Relieving Contract Stress

Legal Advice Helps in Understanding the Terms

Contracts have always been a part of the legal/social landscape. These are agreements that are entered into by parties with the understanding that all the clauses are to be adhered to and followed. Breach of contract can result in very messy problems that are time-consuming and full of stress. An employer certainly has no control over the type of legal agreements employees sign in their private lives. Unfortunately, the distraction that a contract dispute produces can carry over into the office hours where productive work is important. To avoid having employees spend time on outside problems when they should be working on company projects, an employer may want to consider a voluntary benefit that provides legal services.

The Review Is Important

Legal terminology is not easy for a layman to understand, and this is where a lot of problems with contracts happen. A group legal plan that permits access to an experienced attorney is extremely helpful. Such a legal professional can review the contract and explain what exactly is meant in given clauses. A plan member can be alerted to what his or her obligations may be, and this can allow the individual to either insist on a renegotiation or to simply back away from the whole arrangement. Forewarned is forearmed and contract review saves an awful lot of future trouble.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a voluntary benefit that helps with contracts. The Personal Legal Protector Plan is a group legal plan we offer that permits contract review. Plan attorneys will review documents and this includes other legal instruments besides contracts. Promissory notes, affidavits, and leases are also subject to the review benefit under the group legal plan. The attorney can decipher the words and if needed warn the plan member of the potential headache. That by itself offers a substantial service to any employee.

Additional Benefits Included

Contracts and other legal documents are a source of worry for many people. Countrywide understands that which is why a plan member in one of our voluntary benefit plans is allowed an unlimited number of phone calls on a given matter. In addition to that, our attorneys will also write necessary legal letters to help expedite any contract renegotiation. This can be important all by itself because many times the other party is willing to be reasonable if there is a presence of a lawyer.

Patience is a virtue and also a Countrywide benefit. Our attorneys understand how upset a person may be if he or she cannot understand a contract’s language. The lawyers in our legal network have received considerable praise for the empathy and people skills they exhibit on a routine basis. These practitioners of the law will gladly take the time necessary to explain what appear to be confusing clauses and wordings. A plan member of a Countrywide voluntary benefit plan should always feel free to ask as many questions as possible. They will be answered, and those answers will be carefully explained. It is very important to us that a voluntary benefit plan member is satisfied with the service that he or she receives from us. That is a concern we communicate to all of our attorneys.

Employers will benefit from having productive workers less concerned about an outside contractual problem and concentrating more on daily business. Human resources will notice just how easy it is to administer a Countrywide group legal plan. We try to be as flexible as possible in plan design, and we will see to it that what an employer wants is what will be in the plan; nothing more and nothing less. Our voluntary benefit legal services cover a wide variety of legal needs and we would be more than happy to answer any questions and interested party may have.

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