The Best Possible New Year’s Resolution

Drafting a Will Helps Loved Ones

Some may think it is macabre, but an excellent New Year’s resolution is the preparation of a will. A last will and testament is not something that should be delayed until an individual reaches senior years. Catastrophic accidents can happen at any time in a person’s life. The disaster is much worse when a person has dependents who are suddenly cast into an emergency, wondering what to do financially because the breadwinner has died unexpectedly. Human resources fully understands the problems that can arise from a person dying intestate. A voluntary benefit that would allow a person to be able to put their financial affairs in order is the kind of service that is invaluable to an employee, regardless of that person’s age.

An Attorney Ought to Draft the Will

It is tempting to either get a book on how to draft a will as a do-it-yourself project, or go online and fill out the spaces of a form and download the document. This all looks very simple and quite inexpensive but the danger is in the details. These are all boilerplate documents; they don’t necessarily take into consideration some of the nuances of an effective will. Moreover, circumstances change all the time. These wills can become nearly useless in just a matter of a few years. A group legal plan that offers legal services offers better quality.

Countrywide Provides Substantial Legal Benefit

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a voluntary benefit, the Personal Legal Protector Plan, which better serves the need of an individual than any website. The services offered by this benefit include the assistance of a highly skilled attorney to draw up the paperwork. This person will help any member of the voluntary benefit draft a comprehensive will, seeing to it that the right terminology is used so that the individual’s express wishes are met.

A standard will is not the only service which will be provided. A simple will can also be created which expressly defines how the estate is to be divided. Catastrophic accidents and emergencies can create a situation where an individual is in a coma and no longer physically able to express his or her wishes. Our group legal plan can help a person develop a living will that gives specific structures as to what to do regarding life support and end-of-life considerations.

Circumstances do change in the course of the years and plan members are offered free annual updates so the changes can be made to fit new situations. This legal service is a great reminder, and keeps a plan member aware of how important it is to have an estate in good legal order.

Human resources expects the very best of any service offered to employees. Voluntary benefits must come with a high level of customer service or they are not worth offering to the workforce. A Countrywide group legal plan places the individual first and foremost. Our network of experienced lawyers, have more than just great legal expertise. They have the kind of people skills necessary to calm anxious minds, and see to it that the process of drafting a will is stress-free. Every person in a voluntary benefit offered by Countrywide is treated with respect and courtesy. It is part of the entire benefit we offer.

Our experience with designing group legal plan benefits goes back to 1987. We work with all kinds of organizations to provide the best voluntary benefit plans for legal services possible. Human resources will be pleased with the easy administration and a high level customer service that we offer. We welcome any inquiry about our legal services benefits and will gladly answer any questions asked of us.

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