Getting Relief from Domestic Issues

Legal services can resolve complicated matters

Valuable employees often center their entire lives on their families. It is the reason for coming to work and striving so hard to get promotions and pay raises. Highly productive employees will openly confess that they do everything for the sake of their children and loved ones. It shouldn’t be a surprise when family problems become legal or administrative conundrums that an employee will forget all about corporate goals and objectives. If the family is in trouble, that important associate will literally drop everything he or she is doing to concentrate on matters of the hearth. Family disputes and emergencies are primary cause of presenteeism in the workplace. What is needed is a voluntary benefit that will allow for the kind of legal services necessary to resolve unexpected concerns.

Domestic Flash Points

The distress doesn’t come from just one source. Domestic problems can come from all directions and all at the same time as well. It could be services from a public agency that is being delayed, a custody issue, power of attorney, or even the warranty on a major household appliance; any one of these can be a splitting headache. A group legal plan is meant to provide some relief from these problems. Countrywide Pre-Paid
Legal Services
has designed voluntary benefit plans that will allow for a variety of legal services. Attorneys who are part of a Countrywide group legal plan have considerable experience and expertise in matters that affect the home. They can review the lease agreements for rental property, write letters on behalf of the plan member, and provide advice for any domestic matters that go to small claims court.

These legal professionals provide one of the best benefits a person could want: time. A lawyer can cut through red tape and stop the delays on a number of domestic issues that involve the court system. He or she can provide just the right advice to resolve a matter is gotten out of hand.

The Best Customer Service Possible

We go the distance for anyone enrolled in a Countrywide group legal plan. We understand that more than just legal expertise is needed in a given case. Indeed, superior customer service is something that anybody in a voluntary benefit we offer can expect. Our attorneys will take the time necessary to explain all of the ins and outs of contracts or leases. A plan member has the right to call one of our attorneys as may times as needed for a given problem. Questions are expected and our attorneys answer each one carefully and thoroughly. They also provide service with the courtesy and respect that any plan member has a right to expect. Human resources will notice immediately how employees are no longer obsessing about outside issues, but concentrating instead on deadlines and deliverables. That happens because lawyers in any of our voluntary benefit plans take on the burden of the legal dispute, and the plan member no longer has to worry. We also see to it that a Countrywide group legal plan is easy to administer; there is no confusing administrative process. Assisted by the legal services we provide, a plan member is better focused on what needs to be done at the office.

We have designed legal plans for all kinds of organizations since 1987. We take great pride in being flexible. Whatever the employer wants to see in a voluntary benefit we design is exactly what will be in the final product. Our range of services is fairly extensive and covers almost every type of legal need. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with any human resources director what we have that can make legal matters less of a problem for hard-working employees.