Curtailing Holiday Absenteeism

Keeping staff in the office with needed legal assistance

Holiday absenteeism is something that human resources departments have come to expect. December is the time of year when people use up as much of their vacation time as possible, because “use it or lose it” vacation policies will not allow vacation days to carry over to the next year. This results in a few empty offices and cubicles during the week. Using the vacation time is legitimate absenteeism, but other reasons for absenteeism have to be controlled. The last thing a business needs is to have all of their important employees out of the office for extended periods at the end of the year.

The Year End Problems

Christmas shopping isn’t the only reason for not being at the office. The end of the year is a time when rental leases on apartments and homes may also have to be renegotiated. This is also when other contracts may have to be examined and updated. These interruptions can interfere with daily office business. Having a voluntary benefit that allows an experienced third-party to handle some of the personal year-end activity is something that really helps an employee. A group legal plan that permits access to an experienced attorney saves a number of steps in any legal process.
End of the year resolutions such as drafting a will are commendable, but they take time and the same is true of writing a power of attorney document. A voluntary benefit that offers legal services brings a highly qualified attorney into the drafting process for the official papers. Countrywide Pre-Paid Group Legal Services has a legal benefit called the Legal Protector Plan to help.

The Little Things That Help

An individual who has no legal background gets easily confused with matters pertaining to the law. Attorneys can straighten things out and make the entire process more efficient. Little things such as making telephone calls on behalf of a person or reviewing a contract take away a lot of the anxiety a plan member faces. A voluntary benefit that covers legal services can make sense out of all of the legalese. Such a benefit also permits unlimited phone calls to the attorney, so the questions can be quickly answered and proper procedure followed. A Countrywide group legal plan has a network of attorneys who are experienced in the various parts of the law. These people can see to it that year-end issues, out of office headaches that often distract hard-working employees, are met without any problem.

Service That Respects the Individual

Human resources knows that is not enough to have a voluntary benefit made available to employees. The customer service has to be good, because anything less than that only frustrates a person. A Countrywide group legal plan is noted for its commitment to the plan member. Everyone is treated with courtesy and respect no matter who they are, and the attorneys have a reputation for being understanding and patient. Countrywide firmly believes that any voluntary plan designs must have a combination of outstanding legal expertise and superior customer service. The needs of a plan member are always a top priority.

A group legal plan we design is very easy to administer. Human resources need not worry about a lot of administrative work. We also tailor our voluntary benefit plans to fit the needs of the employer. We have worked with companies, unions, trade associations, and other types of organizations since 1987. We know that different groups have different needs and we are flexible enough to provide just what the employer wants. There are a number of legal services we can provide to any organization, and we can explain each one in detail to any interested employer. We welcome any inquiries and we would like to be of service.

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