Removing Bureaucratic Roadblocks

Legal services create a clear path

Government agencies are meant to provide service to taxpayers. Within the mission statements and authorizing legislation of these departments are mandates to correct problems, and keep the paper flow moving. The primary difficulty that a person has with government agencies is the meandering red tape that these bureaucracies can create. Agencies sometimes generate a labyrinth of policies and procedures. All of these have to be followed carefully or else the individual seeking assistance either gets bogged down in the process or has to start all over again. Getting the right help from a government agency can be time-consuming. Minutes and even hours that ought to be spent concentrating on daily work might be used up in communicating with slow-moving bureaucracy. Rather than have employees distracted, human resources will consider means to remove the bureaucratic roadblocks and one such solution is a group legal plan that promotes legal services.

The Red Tape Madness

Dealing with bureaucracy can often be a one step forward, two steps back exercise. Public employees are not rude or obstructive by nature, but there are certain procedures that they must follow. These rules and regulations are intended to protect citizens, but there can be an awful lot of paperwork in the process. A voluntary benefit that allows a plan member to use the expertise of an attorney is definitely helpful. The lawyer would have a better understanding of the bureaucratic process than a layman. He or she may have worked on a routine basis with bureaucrats and has developed a good relationship with them. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has group legal plan options that will give a plan member the chance to make use of the services of a seasoned attorney. The red tape madness that causes so many moments of frustration can easily be dealt with by one of the Countrywide attorneys.

The first noticeable benefit of a Countrywide group legal plan is time. A person working alone may have to make a number of phone calls from work to try to get answers and guidance on how to complete forms. A Countrywide attorney understands how these forms are to be completed, and how they are to be filed. A legal professional can speed up the process so what would’ve taken weeks is accomplished in days. It is because the lawyer understands the process that makes the paperwork move quickly. Speeding things up is a feature of the voluntary benefit that is greatly appreciated.

Sensitive Administration

People get both anxious and annoyed when the wheels of government slow to a crawl. Anyone who is part of a voluntary benefit plan wants to get things moving and keep the momentum up until the issue is resolved. Countrywide attorneys respect the mindset of a group legal plan member. These seasoned veterans of the law also have a human touch that is part of the superior customer service any voluntary benefit plan member can expect. Unlimited phone calls are permitted to an attorney on a given matter, and this legal professional will listen patiently and explain thoroughly everything about the process. The result is an employee who doesn’t spend time at work agonizing over administrative issue. He or she knows that is being taken care of by someone who understands.

Human resources deals with people issues and is aware of how bureaucratic delays create distracting anxieties. The human resources directors we have worked with appreciate our attention to detail and how we can keep the process moving. The fact that our voluntary benefit plans are easy to administer is also something deeply appreciated. We have been designing voluntary benefit plans since 1987 and are familiar with the needs of all sorts of organizations. We have a number of possibilities that an employer can consider to use in developing the right plan for the workforce. We would definitely welcome the opportunity to speak with any employer or human resources director about everything Countrywide can do for them.

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