Building Financial Wellness- Countrywide Has the Right Tools


Financial wellness plans will help resolve emergencies, but that is only one use for this benefit. A good program enables a person to have better control over their finances and plan for the future. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a financial wellness plan. Our benefit includes tools anyone can use to manage their money.

Tools of the Trade

Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors who provide service. These experts are easy to reach and help people sort out their finances.

Recent college graduates might have no experience with budgeting. Lack of knowledge has a negative effect on their spending habits. Our counselor will perform a budget analysis for a young plan member. This professional will review expenses and income and design a sensible budget. A young employee is thus able to pay all the bills and still have money to save.

Older employees may be drafting a will or thinking of retirement income. They can handle budgets but do not know the value of all their assets. Countrywide counselors will help with an asset inventory. People learn the full value of their house, stocks, life insurance, and other tangibles they can use for future income.

Millennial’s might wish to buy a house. Real estate markets can be confusing and a first-time buyer benefits from information. Our self-study program, “Make Your Move,” is a useful tool for understanding real estate and how to purchase that dream home. The lessons also advise a person on how to avoid scam artists and those who want to take advantage of the situation.

People have a sense of empowerment when they control their financial wellness. Confidence grows, and expenses are comfortably met. Our counselors can reduce confusion and restore sanity to a person’s finances. The plan tools help.

We Leave It to the Decision-Makers

Countrywide has been offering benefits to all kinds of organizations for over 30 years. Even though we have a great deal of experience, we know that we lack full knowledge of a client’s workforce. The demographics may be slanted in one direction or the other. We believe it is essential to the creation of a benefit to have decision-makers play a role. We want them to make decisions on what their employees should have.

We offer a variety of financial wellness benefits. Some of them are general while others can benefit a specific demographic. The decision-makers are the ones who will decide what options will be in the final plan. We are here to offer suggestions, but we respect the final decisions. What the employer wants will be part of the final document.

What is also going to be part of that final plan is the Countrywide commitment to service. Our administration is streamlined to allow people to get assistance quickly. Counselors know that the Countrywide financial wellness plan member is going to get top priority when it comes to delivery. We also expect those counselors to have better-than-average emotional intelligence. Empathy and respect for plan members, no matter how young or old they might be, is what we insist on.

The tools mentioned above can be part of the plan. These are general aids, and every employee can take advantage of one or the other. It means we have a very comprehensive program to offer our clients.

Employees respect and appreciate those organizations who offer financial wellness. This is no longer a boutique benefit and many major companies are looking into this type of assistance for their employees. Countrywide has one of the best in the industry and we can provide for any member of the organization.

If you have questions about our benefits, we want to hear them. We are willing to discuss all the options and answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We want to share with you the Countrywide advantage.