Buying a home in Cherry Hill with pre-paid legal services

There is a great opportunity in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and other parts of the country to purchase a home for a great low price, and there is a way prepaid legal services can help if you have access to it. Due to the foreclosure problems many people are facing today, banks are willing to let properties go for a third of the price they were originally sold for or even less. Interest rates are low, and even though they are playing a little hard to get, banks and lenders are desperate for your business. If you have a solid credit score, quality history of income, and cash saved up for the down payment you should have no problem getting approved for a loan. However, there are always some problems that come up when you are talking about buying a home that is in foreclosure. Are there unpaid taxes, utility bills or other liens on the home that have to be taken care of by the new owner? What are your rights as far as having the home inspected for damage prior to making an offer? These are questions you need to have answered and you will probably not get those answers from the bank.

This is where you would want the help of an attorney and if you already have legal service plans available to you from Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services you are ahead of the game. The reason pre-paid legal services are so great is because they are an employee benefit that is paid through small payroll deductions and it gives you access to a network of qualified attorneys who practice in many legal areas. So if you did not have prepaid legal services offered through your employer and you needed to consult with an attorney about buying a home in foreclosure you would have to find an attorney, pay high rates, and wait for them to get back to you. With legal service plans the cost is already covered, you can find the right attorney within a matter of minutes, and they give you immediate and free consultations for many legal issues including real estate law. The benefit is not only helpful and free, but it can save someone countless hours of having to find a qualified attorney on their own and consult with them. The process of buying a new home, especially when it is in foreclosure, is very time consuming and the more help you can get to speed up the process while also saving money is a great deal for anyone.