Clarifying a Contract

Making Sense of It All


Contracts are something many people don’t understand, and that by itself is understandable. Contracts follow a fairly standard template, but many are ignorant of the process. It helps to have a group legal plan to explain a contract before it is signed. Problems occur when people forget to put specific things in writing, such as the promises to pay certain amounts of money or to do certain activities. Even when this information is in the contract, difficulty arises when specific terms or dollar amounts are not in the clauses. Those who do not understand the standard phrases run into trouble. It helps if there are pre-paid legal services to help explain a contract.

We Clear Things Up

Folks seem to think that contracts are big, bulky, stacks of paper. That is not true for most agreements ordinary people enter into. As a matter fact, most contracts are no more than six pages long. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows that legal language can be confusing and the traditional image of contracts causes anxiety. Our nationwide network of attorneys will offer contract review as part of the group legal plan benefit.

The Eyes of an Attorney Helps

An attorney knows the important parts of any contract. This professional will look for the obligations, means of conflict resolution, and any other essential matters a plan member needs to know about. The attorney will point out possible problem areas, and make suggestions on how to change them (Incidentally, it is a very smart idea to have the attorney review the contract BEFORE you sign it.). It is always good to ask questions, and one of the pre-paid legal services we will provide is face-to-face meetings with the Countrywide attorney. The explanations clear up the confusion, but a person might still have some questions. It is not a problem for Countrywide. We permit a group legal plan member to make as many telephone calls as necessary to the attorney on a given situation. This is another way in which things are made clearer.

Doing a Little Bit More

There can be questions that are best answered by the other party. The plan member does not have to contact these people; the Countrywide attorney will do that on request. This includes telephone calls or letters on official stationery. These are not meant to intimidate but to help explain certain parts the contract. However, contact from an attorney is an incentive for the other side to be as honest in any response.

Contract review is an excellent benefit in our highly legal society. Organizations might think otherwise and feel there are other pre-paid legal services that are more important. Countrywide respects the needs of its clients. We encourage decision-makers to select from our benefit options those they wish to have in their countrywide group legal plan. We will see to it the final document has precisely what is requested. Regardless of the option selected, we are committed to providing the very best service and the most efficient administration of the legal benefits. We are proud of the many compliments we received from clients for our ability to deliver prompt assistance.

Contracts are necessary for many reasons. The best is removing any doubt about what both parties are expected to do. A well-written contract will prevent misunderstanding and possible bad feelings. Nevertheless, it is prudent to have the contract language inspected by professional before signing. This is the core of the benefit Countrywide provides. A person who has the contract explained is less likely to enter into a bad one. Contract review is one of the benefit options Countrywide makes available to clients. Anyone who is interested in our services is invited to contact us about what we offer. Please ask as many questions as you like. We appreciate the opportunity to explain what we can do to