Helping the Consumer

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“Let the Buyer Beware” is a major rule of the marketplace. It reminds people that there are unethical folks out there, looking to take an unsuspecting person’s cash. Things have gotten worse the last few years for the average American. Deceivers are getting more talented, and they are practicing their craft in other areas. It takes a good group legal plan to help protect the consumer from the damage.

The Internet sales are one area of clever deception. It is the only place, though. Services, as well as products, are danger areas. Example are home-improvement companies who charge one price, wait until the job is only half completed, and then demand more money. Being charged for services not rendered or online purchases that are never received by the buyer are other areas of consumer fraud. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has worked with organizations since 1987 to provide great group benefits. Consumer protection advice is one of the services we offer.

Support from Attorneys

The process of filing a consumer protection complaint can often be a cheat’s best friend. It is not easy to fill out the paperwork, and people get frustrated. They give up, even though they purchased for products or got swindled out of hard-earned money. Countrywide has a nationwide network of skilled attorneys. These people are selected for the legal acumen they have. Our system allows for a lawyer to be close by and no one must go a great distance for an appointment. An attorney will discuss what the individual should do to file a consumer complaint properly. Armed with the advice of a legal professional, a plan member can go through the process. The pre-paid legal services do not end there. It is natural for anyone to have questions after a meeting. We encourage people who have additional questions by allowing an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation to the attorney. Any confusion is quickly cleared up.

Our Network is Proactive

While Internet fraud is a problem, a lot of consumer fraud is local. Some vendors don’t provide the right service and care less about the trouble caused. They will start worrying if they get a call from an attorney. Countrywide allows network lawyers to make phone calls on behalf of group legal plan members. There is an additional pre-paid legal services benefit: written correspondence. Our attorneys can send letters to the vendors and service providers on legal stationery. These types of communication can help convince the other party to make good on what they promised. The attorney has already helped a group legal plan member with the complaint process, and that adds to the pressure.

Countrywide’s program has helped many people get redress. Another benefit is to assist a person in preparing a small claims court case. Once again, an unethical merchant is placed in a situation where it is better to give the money back.

Clients Select the Benefits

Organization executives now that issues like consumer fraud can be very distracting for employees. It also is evident that our society requires the services of good attorneys on increasing basis. Countrywide’s reputation is one of the best in the industry, and we are sensitive to the needs of our clients. We permit a client to decide what pre-paid legal services will be part of their group legal plan. If consumer protection is necessary; we can provide it. If drafting a will is a priority, we will have that in the plan document. We want to be able to address the needs of those hard-working employees will help achieve the goals and objectives. We feel we have the best program for any organization is why we encourage decision-makers to contact us and learn more about the Countrywide advantage