Side Stepping the Debt Trap

College Loans Can Be Trickyjar-edu-300x200

There are numerous programs intended to help college students deal with rising tuition. Stafford loans, Perkins loans, the PLUS program, and conventional loans from a bank are there to help service the debt. The trouble is that each program has its special requirements. A missed payment has a penalty, while another program can allow for some leniency. It gets confusing, and a graduate may unexpectedly step into a debt trap. The best way to protect financial wellness is to have excellent advice. Unfortunately, many vendors claim to be experts and really are not. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help with this dilemma. Our assistance comes from seasoned professionals.

Guiding a Plan Member

The Countrywide financial wellness program takes advantage of the experience and expertise of certified counselors. These are people who make a living out of helping others with their debt problems. College loan debt is something that is very common in modern society. Our veterans deal with it all the time.

The counselors will do a budget analysis to determine income and existing expenses. They then examine the various loan programs a financial wellness plan member currently has. The counselor can point out where there are some advantages and how to best manage the given debt obligations. The college graduate does not know the ways to administer best what they owe. It comes as a pleasant surprise as they discover that financing the loans is not too difficult.

Respect is Critical

College graduates want to be respected and considered mature adults. Loan debt was part of getting the education they needed, and they do not want to be treated like irresponsible children. Our counselors recognize this need. Every person who is part of the Countrywide financial wellness program is considered an adult and given proper respect. There will be no unwanted sermons or scolding. There are some situations where the overall personal debt has gotten out of hand. Our counselors may recommend a Debt Management Plan in such cases. These will cost a little bit extra, but there are more services provided. A plan member gets ongoing customer service and a blueprint to help navigate troubled fiscal waters.

Forward thinking employers recognize the significance of financial wellness plans. They know that when it comes to hiring talented college graduates, being able to help with existing college debt is a major plus. It can convince a computer programmer or financial analyst to accept an employment offer. Young employees are not the only people benefit from the Countrywide program. Those looking to buy a house or trying to put their credit card payments under control will appreciate the options we have. A client can look at its current demographics, and choose those benefit options that provide maximum service to the staff. We will include those in the final plan document. No matter what is selected, we are committed to providing superior customer service and easy administration.

College loan programs often seem like a large plate of spaghetti, with all kinds of rules and regulations. It can get very confusing but are counselors can sort things out. They know all the ins and outs of Stafford loans or Perkins loans, thanks to their years of experience. Countrywide offers the type of advice and guidance every graduate saddled with college debt needs to have. There are other options we have that can make life easier for them and their colleagues. Employers can look at what we offer and make the right decision. We encourage human resources directors and other executives to contact us about our financial wellness plan. It is a benefit to help people better manage their debts.