Collecting the Small Claims Award

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Small claims court is where many people go to seek resolution of various grievances. The court will render a decision which sometimes results in a monetary award for damages. That may sound good, but there is a catch to all of this. The court will not pursue the award. In other words, it is up to the individual to get the money. A group legal plan will provide needed support.

It can be incredibly frustrating. A plaintiff may have a legitimate right, and the court recognizes it. Small claims court does not have the staff necessary to pursue an award. There are no bailiffs. This is why some defendants are not too concerned about small claims court at all. It is one thing to get an award and quite another to collect it.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers assistance with small claims cases that goes beyond the ordinary. Our basic support comes in helping prepare the case. Our network of attorneys offers a pre-paid legal services benefit that assists with developing the paperwork. An individual has to present the facts before the court without a lawyer, and a well-prepared brief helps. This is where some group legal plan vendors stop. No further assistance is offered, but Countrywide will go one step further for the sake of a plan member

Gaining the Court Award

The comprehensive services provided by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services makes it a lot easier to get that well-deserved monetary award. The support comes from the various other things are attorneys will do for a plan member. It is always good to start with a subtle warning. A Countrywide lawyer will either contact by telephone or send a letter on official stationery, advising the defendant to pay what is owed. The defendant may immediately pay, knowing that there is an attorney involved. It does happen that a defendant will ignore the warning, and that is when the Countrywide response is a little bit firmer. Countrywide attorneys have no problem filing the necessary paperwork to seize assets or garnish wages. In an extreme situation, a lien can be filed against the property. These are all pre-paid legal services that back the defendant into a corner. Ultimately, this person will see reason and pay award granted by the court. The help which is provided by Countrywide makes it easy for a plan member to receive just compensation.

Employers Can See the Value

We have worked with various organizations since 1987, and our clients know how efficient our services are. Employees who are caught in a small claims case discover that what could be a tough process is made easy thanks to attorneys provided by Countrywide. The benefits we provide are what regular employees can use to their advantage. That impresses a lot of decision-makers because they do not want just to offer a benefit for appearance sake.

The Countrywide group legal plan is a very comprehensive benefit with a number of options. Not every option, though, is what the workforce needs. Because it is so important to provide what will be used, Countrywide allows clients to decide what benefit option be in the final draft. It helps the employer offer even better service to hard-working employees. The Countrywide secondary services such as face-to-face consultations and an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given item will always be part of the final plan document. We also have an administration which quickly provides the assistance that an employee needs.

No plan member should think that collecting a small claims award is an impossible dream. Countrywide can make this very much a reality with the group legal plan. Our attorneys are chosen for financial acumen and empathy. Plan members are always treated with respect. We have several options that furnish the kind of assistance people need in these modern times. We encourage decision-makers to get in touch with us at their earliest convenience. We will be able then to further explain how our legal plans are a valuable part of any corporate benefits program.