Housing Education Helps!

Knowledge Ends Confusion

Owning a house is the great American dream. Even though there’s been a lot of financial turmoil, folks are still buying homes, and it remains one of the best financial investments. A difficulty that surfaces is a lack of understanding about house buying. This type of purchase is not the same as buying a dishwasher. There’s a lot of paperwork and quite a few actors involved. A sound financial wellness plan is going to help a person better understand what is required.

So Much to Know

Home inspections, title searches, and the various types of negotiation are all part of knowing what to do in the purchase of the house. Countrywide Pre-Paid Financial Services includes housing education in the financial wellness plan. We educate plan members on what the role of a real estate agent is, and how to better negotiate a good price.

A house purchase is the largest investment for most families, and Countrywide takes it seriously. We have professionals do the education. They will coach people on what things to look for in the purchase of the house, and those small items that people overlook.

The education helps them make the right decisions. An individual seeking to buy a house can determine the right type of financing the more they know about all of the options. Credit history is crucial, and Countrywide points out what a person can and cannot do with current credit scores. Conventional mortgages are not the only way of doing things, and there are viable options such as FHA or VA assistance. Sadly, predatory lending practices take advantage of people. Countrywide alerts plan members to the possibility of a scam.

The above is part of the “Make Your Move” component of housing education, and the Countrywide program has, even more, benefit. Many people are having difficulty making existing mortgage payments. Foreclosure may seem to be the only way out, but that is not true. Countrywide has certified housing counselors who can assist in getting loan modifications and short sales. These can lift a hefty burden from the back of some struggling to keep ahead of the bills.

Employers Helping Their Employees

Organizations who are sympathetic to the needs of their hard-working employees want to help with financial wellness. The executives know that buying a house or trying to deal with mortgage problems can cause an enormous amount of pressure on a person. They want to help, and Countrywide provides the right type of assistance. Of course, not every employee is having mortgage problems or would like to buy a house. The Countrywide financial wellness program has a number of options from which to choose. Organizations can decide what benefits will be part of the overall plan. Regardless of what is chosen, Countrywide is committed to providing the best service. We have a nationwide network of certified housing counselors who are available to provide prompt advice and assistance. No one who is part of a Countrywide financial wellness is forced to wait for the help. We see to it the service is rendered, and it is the best possible quality.

Buying a house many times is the biggest event in the life of a family. It shows that they are financially able to afford a piece the American Dream, and children are raised in a very stable environment. That’s much more than any financial gain, which might come as the years pass by. Countrywide offers the kind of financial wellness benefits that best address modern society’s financial issues. We have worked with organizations since 1987, and we are very much aware of what employees can use. Our program has some very attractive options for service. Employees would appreciate any of these. We encourage decision-makers to contact us to find out more about what we can do to help.