College Loan Debt Help is Appreciated

Millennials Want Assistance from Employers



Student debt is a big topic at the dinner table. Families with college kids talk about it all the time, but the anxiety does not end once that student graduates. Instead, after the six-month grace period, the bills start coming in, and they are enormous. Undergraduate debt can be in the five figures, and when graduate debt is added a young person faces perhaps $100,000 or more of college debt. This has a major effect on financial wellness.

Avoidance of Forbearance

Recent graduates who have landed that first job are in the process of making the major life decisions. These judgments are influenced by the amount owed to the government or lending institutions. The college debt can force choices a person does not want to deal with. There are cases where young Millennials simply try to ignore the bills they owe and seek forbearance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates the state of mind of these young people. We know it is a sobering process to deal with college debt, but it is not an impossible obstacle. We have financial wellness counselors to help.

College loan payment can be confusing. There are so many options, and a recent college graduate may not know which alternative is the best. Countrywide certified counselors work with financial wellness problems all the time. They understand college loans and how to tackle them best.

It all starts with a good budget analysis. The counselor wants to know the income and expenses of the plan member, and that is the topic of a face-to-face meeting. Information is shared, and the counselor gets a good picture of the current financial condition. The counselor then goes over the various repayment options which may be available to the individual. It is understood lending institutions would rather work with a person than summon the collection agencies. The counselor can recommend the right path to go down as far as payments go. Forbearance is no longer the only option.

Financial Help is a Needed Benefit

Young employees appreciate financial wellness service. They honestly don’t know what to do, but they don’t want to be treated like children. Countrywide counselors respect the individual and behave with both empathy and professionalism. Information that they provide is something that a new employee can use. That person can begin to approach the loan repayment challenge with greater confidence.

Organizations wish to provide benefits employees need. Millennials want help with college debt, but other demographic groups have other needs. For example, someone married with children may want to buy a house and don’t know anything about how to do it. Countrywide has an option regarding housing education. There are other possibilities as well that can be explored. What is important is that a prospective client may choose what options to have in the financial wellness plan.

Countrywide superior administration makes certain that plan members get the services they need, just as we do with our group legal plans. The counselors are aware that Countrywide employees get priority for help. Thanks to the nationwide network a counselor are close by and easy to contact.

College debt can be frightening to any young employee. Decisions on how to deal with these problems do not have to be rash, however. Getting the right advice and guidance is helpful. The Countrywide certified counselor shares information which is necessary to plot a process of paying off all the bills. Any Millennial appreciates the consideration that is shown by such attention. The help allows a person fresh out of college to make mature decisions.

The Benefit is Peace of Mind

We provide the kind of financial wellness options to resolve major financial difficulties. Having a sound financial picture grants peace of mind and employee, allowing the individuals to concentrate more on corporate goals and objectives. We have some options from which to choose, and each one provides a special benefit. We ask decision-makers to contact us as early as possible to find out more about Countrywide.