Budget Analysis Helps Financial Wellness

Budgeting is easy the More You Know



It is an old story about domestic finances. People are living from paycheck to paycheck. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what is going on. It happens when people refuse to budget. That doesn’t seem to be a problem until other expenses besides groceries come into the picture. Financial wellness is threatened by a refusal to itemize expenses against income.

The Source of the Problems

Budget difficulty springs primarily from debt. It isn’t gasoline or the cable bill, but credit cards, mortgage loans, student loans, and perhaps some medical expenses. These can add onto obligations and an emergency bill can make things even worse. People end up spending more than they are making. It can happen to anyone, especially somebody who feels obligated to pay everything at the end of the month.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services works with people to help them gain stability in their pocketbooks. We have a financial wellness program that offers advice and suggestions on how to deal with runaway budgets.

The primary service provider is a nationwide network of certified counselors. Budget analysis is a fundamental service given to any plan member. The counselor will sit down with people and look at the income and expenses each person may have.

Solutions are Based on the Analysis Results

Identifying income and costs will then permit the counselor to go to the next stage, which is developing a budget that meets all needs without going over the edge. The counselor will suggest various financial wellness strategies on how to pay credit cards and address paying the medical bills. This professional knows that most creditors would rather receive some payment then contact a collection agency. Student loans have programs to help a person beat the expenses. Many do not know about these, but the countrywide counselor is very familiar with these solutions.

What it comes to mortgage loans the counselor can help a plan member develop strategies to better respond to the payments. The last thing anybody wants is a forfeiture. The counselor clears a path towards solutions. Serious situations may require more drastic action. Countrywide has a debt management plan that a counselor may recommend is a drastic situation. This financial wellness tool includes additional counseling and other services. It will cost extra, but it can save a person from declaring bankruptcy.



Different Organizations Need Different Services

The countrywide plan has services to help with student loans, medical bills, house education, and other options. Organizations are different as far as the demographics of their workforce. It is important to have a plan that fits the needs of all the workforce and not just one or two groups. Countrywide helps clients meet that goal of serving all.

We permit choice in our group legal plans; clients may choose what services will be part of this plan as well. They can decide to have perhaps college loan help but not support with medical bills. Whatever the organization wants is what Countrywide will place in the final plan document.

People who are in financial trouble can barely see the forest for all the trees. A budget analysis removes the fog. A financial wellness plan member can see what the expenses and income truly are, and receives the tools necessary to get out of the mess. The budget devised by a counselor may be strict, but it is necessary. A final benefit is a person whose pocketbook is under less stress than before

Countrywide has provided cost-effective benefits for organizations for 30 years. We have a reputation for high-quality service and commitment to our clients. Our financial wellness administration is streamlined to allow for better service, and all our counselors are selected for their empathy skills as well as financial expertise. There are many parts to our program that all benefit plan members.

We have solutions for a number of problems an individual encounters daily. Decisionmakers are encouraged to contact us and find out more about Countrywide’s ability to help end personal trouble with finances.