A Simple Will Keeps Time on Your Side

Countrywide Will Draft One for You



Drafting wills is a common benefit of a group legal plan that some folks avoid. The last will is not on everyone’s daily bucket list, and there are those who want to forget about it. This is a recognition of mortality but drafting a will is a pre-paid legal services benefit that cannot be ignored. It helps prevent time from becoming a real thief.

Intestate is a legal term for an estate for which there is no will. Those estates which have a simple will attached to it move quickly through the courts. Intestate situations do not. Instead, they become a matter for the probate court which takes a very active role.

Probate moves Slower Than Molasses

Probate court works at judicious speed and goes even slower when there is no will present. An administrator is appointed who reports directly to the bench. It means the process of distributing the estate goes on longer than necessary. Time becomes the enemy of all the survivors because they’re not able to get a hold of the assets. College tuition, loan repayments, and other financial needs are forced to wait. Is all because a simple will is not available.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help people avoid the time problem. Drafting a simple will is one of the options we offer in our group legal plan design. It allows a plan member to get in touch with a highly professional lawyer.

Our nationwide network of attorneys makes it easy to schedule an appointment. The lawyer will go over with a plan member what a simple will need to have and point out any areas that may be a problem. States might have certain requirements for a will, and the Countrywide lawyer knows about that. He or she covers every angle.

Drafting a will can be a sobering experience. It reminds a Millennial that life lasts just so long and youth doesn’t last very long at all. Still, it impresses on that employee the importance of the adult decision. Older employees recognize importance and just want the opportunity to do it. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides them that chance.

How Pre-Paid Legal Services Work

Countrywide prides itself on being a little different. Many vendors will allow for drafting a will, but that is it. Countrywide goes a bit further with its pre-paid legal services. Not only do we draft the will, but we also remind the plan member on an annual basis that the will might need to be reviewed and updated. A Countrywide will is therefore not going to become dated.

Our secondary pre-paid legal services help to enhance the benefit. A plan member may call an attorney any number of times about a given situation. If additional information is needed from a public agency or the courts, Countrywide lawyers can help. They can make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member and write official letters on their behalf as well.

No one can choose the time to die, but an appointment can be made to write a simple will. There is a Countrywide attorney close by. This person is more than willing to sit down with a plan member and figure out what to do with the estate.

Our clients know what their employees want to have. We believe that their decisions are best and that is why we promote choice. All clients can select what pre-paid legal services options will be part of their Countrywide group legal plan.

We believe it is important to offer benefits and benefit options to help people with everyday problems. Anyone who looks at a Countrywide group legal plan will recognize how we provide meaningful support. Examination of a Countrywide plan may also create questions, and we welcome those. Please feel free to contact us about any of our benefits.