Communication Determines Quality

It is More than Just a FAQ page


You read about it in every business periodical and here it on television and radio customer service is the most important quality any business can have today. Consumers are demanding, and they want the best possible attention. Smart vendors understand this, but it doesn’t mean customer service is world-class. Any group legal plan which pays little attention to its plan members will deliver poor quality.

Overreliance on Text

Vendors would like to provide as much pre-paid legal services to as many plan members as possible. Because of this, these companies will set up FAQ pages, or invite those with problems to type in a message in a small box on one of the site pages. It does not mean that the request or complaint disappears in the shuffle. It is, however, an inconvenience.

Anyone who has an issue requiring pre-paid legal services is experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress. Typing in a question doesn’t cause the blood pressure go down. Instead, this individual wants to be able to talk somebody. Contracts, simple wills, and medical powers of attorney are pages of mystery to most laypeople. A plan member intends to have a professional on the other end of the telephone line, or perhaps even face-to-face, to better explain the problem. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is very sensitive to this type of communication need. We do our best to bring the personal touch into our service provision.

We Are in the Neighborhood

Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys working for us. There is an excellent chance a Countrywide attorney is not very far away and with whom contact is quickly established. We allow an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given situation. For example, if someone is having difficulty with a local government agency, a plan member can talk to the attorney as often as necessary. This helps clarify any ambiguity and lays to rest any anxiety that may be developing.

Other situations can be made easier with a face-to-face meeting. Drafting simple wills and medical powers of attorney can be easily done in a meeting with the attorney. The legal professional can point out areas of potential problem, and discuss the wording of the document with the group legal plan member. What is just as important is the establishment of our attorneys have excellent personal skills. A sense of trust develops rapidly in conversations in the lawyer’s office. The result is a better document.

We do not stop these levels of communication. When dealing with a warranty problem or consumer protection issue, the other party may be stubborn and refused to be reasonable. Countrywide enables the attorney to make telephone calls on behalf of the client and letters on letterhead stationery. This pre-paid legal services benefit is known to break any logjams arising.

Employers Have a Say

Countrywide has been in the business of group legal plan benefits for 30 years. We work with all kinds of organizations and respect the need to tailor a program to fit an individual organization’s needs we encourage clients to choose what benefit options are going to be part of the final plan document. It means that certain benefits are not included, but that is fine with us. We want to provide the best service. No matter what is in the final plan, the communication services mentioned above are going to be part of the package. Quick response from a streamlined administration makes our benefit plans very desirable.

Our group legal plan benefits are intended to provide firm answers to current problems. We encourage organizations to contact us about what we will provide. You may have questions, and we want to hear them. Providing solutions is what we do best.