Consumer Protection is a Corporate Priority

Organizations Cannot Ignore It


Consumer protection is not a matter for individuals only. Companies and other business establishments need to be concerned because bad service or inferior quality merchandise reflects poorly on their respective industries. Companies who are looking for group legal plan benefits want to have the best possible service. Allowing for consumer protection also can enhance the prestige of the employer.

Unethical practices are a danger in the marketplace. A consumer is at personal risk due to malfunctioning merchandise, or services that not completed correctly (For example, water pipes in the house that supposedly were fixed but breakdown a few weeks later). The offender ordinarily doesn’t worry about repercussions because of the paperwork involved in processing consumer protection complaint. This unscrupulous individual knows that many will not bother to go through the hassle of dealing with consumer protection agencies. It changes when an attorney gets involved. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services gives this kind of help.

Immediate Assistance

The primary benefit of our group legal plan is the availability of a skilled attorney. He or she is a professional who is familiar with consumer protection and how to help a plan member.

Our nationwide network of attorneys makes it easy to get pre-paid legal services from them. A face-to-face consultation is easy to arrange. The attorney can then explain what must be done in processing a consumer protection complaint, and how to present the case best. Our attorneys will also be in contact with consumer protection agencies on behalf of plan members. Any information requirements can be received from the agency, expediting the entire complaint process. What once looked like a dreary exercise through a maze of cubicles becomes less of a bother. The plan member can present and process the claim efficiently.

A Wide Range of Support

Countrywide adds weight to its services. We do more than just give advice. Our pre- paid legal services include writing letters on behalf of plan members and making telephone calls. Many times, such contact with the other party brings about the right solutions. An unlimited number of phone calls to follow up on the matter is permitted, and Countrywide tries to encourage a working rapport between lawyer and plan member. A major part of the pre-paid legal services Countrywide offers is courtesy and empathy. Our lawyers are noted for having excellent personal skills. Consumer protection is not an easy subject understand. Our attorneys explain everything carefully and answer any questions.

We allow clients to select the benefit options. Consumer protection is a smart addition to the group legal plan. It emphasizes to employees the organization’s commitment to ethical practices. Employees are becoming increasingly more socially conscious and would like their employers to be the same way. The consumer protection support in a Countrywide group legal plan. It lets employees know that the company is willing to help those who were harmed by dangerous products. We provide other benefits that help people deal with pressing issues. These can be part of the final document such as drafting simple wills, assistance dealing with government agencies, and preparing medical powers of attorney. Because the client knows best about what employees need, their selection better reflects what the employees want. Countrywide for its part provides both the pre-paid legal services and superior customer service.

Consumer protection is intended to prevent ordinary people from being harmed. The process of filing a complaint is not complicated if an attorney is available. A Countrywide attorney is not far away from any plan member. The support and advice lawyers give allow a person to receive satisfaction for poor service or defective products. Our other benefits also make an employer look good in the eyes of the workforce. We can explain what we offer to anyone, and we would welcome any inquiries.