There is a Way Out

College Debt is Manageable


Spring break is in full force, and many college seniors are getting the resumes together for work in the real world. Generation Z, those who are just entering the job market fresh from college, are going to start becoming a part of the workforce in greater numbers. They’re facing major college debt hassles. It is not easy for them to do it alone.

College Debt Can Be Frightening

The challenge is that the amount can be comparable to the cost of a house. It is something these young people have little understanding about. Many know about the grace period, but that is about it. What they need is excellent advice that comes from a financial wellness program. Being able to talk to experts can make things easier. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the kind of support these new employees need.

We have a nationwide network of certified counselors who could help a person deal with his or her college debt. Our professionals have the expertise necessary to show how a debt hassle is easily managed. Everything starts with a budget analysis that indicates where income and expenses are. On that information, the counselor then begins to help with the financial wellness plan member develop a means of resolving any difficulty. The Countrywide counselor will take a careful look at all the outstanding loans a plan member may have. This financial professional will then check to see with the payment options are. Depending on the loan source, there may be opportunities for easier payments.

It Becomes an Educational Experience

Young employees are not stupid; they simply do not know all of their options. A Countrywide counselor can point out income-based repayment plans, what loans will allow a person to do as far as payments, and some of the other details buried in the loan language. The counselor can help develop a budget dealing with college debt and create a repayment plan that is easy to manage. This process is not a lecture series, but it is an educational experience. Many clients react with surprise at discovering there are ways to manage college debt which does not require drastic action. The plan of action to deal with college debt is a mature response that enables a person to repay loans without unnecessary hardship. The information and the ideas are both valued by the young plan member.

Organizations need to be ready for Generation Z as young people get their diplomas and start working. A great benefit is a financial wellness program which includes help with college debt. Decision-makers need to have benefits that suit the requirements of employees.



We Offer Several Options

While Countrywide offers a great variety of financial wellness options, including help with credit card debt, and we know each organization is different. We rely on clients to help us craft a program well suited to the workforce. Choice matters in our deliberations. Decision-makers from the client organization will pick what options will be part of the financial wellness plan, and we include them in the final package. Regardless of what the final plan looks like, Countrywide has a commitment to providing superior service. All counselors are expected to show excellent personal skills, and we have a streamlined administration to render service as soon as possible. Nobody waits too long for the service they need.

Generation Z waits all its life for the opportunity to be adults and be independent. College debt can restrict their ability to lead the full adult lives they want. A company is providing a real benefit by giving help with managing college debt. Countrywide welcomes the opportunity to help these young workers. Our other financial wellness benefits provide additional services. We encourage you to contact us and find out more.