Contracts Have to Be Clearly Understood

Countrywide Attorneys Interpret the Clauses


There are times when it appears our daily lives are dominated by pieces of paper. Routine things such as rent, purchases, and the smallest business agreements are controlled by clauses written in language that appears to be from a bygone era. The sentences and paragraphs are constructed of words that are intended to specifically state what is expected and what will be delivered. Properly written, contracts and other legal documents protect both parties equally. But there are times when the language is just too confusing. Any group legal services plan that will include review of contracts and other legal documents provides something that is of real value to a plan member.

Confusion in the Verbs and Nouns

The real challenge for an ordinary person lies in the words. Latin phrases and complicated sentences are something many people do not deal with on a routine basis. Uncertainty can lead to hesitation and that can cause contracts to go unsigned. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has developed group legal plan benefits since 1987 for all types of organizations. We are aware of the anxiety people have over language they don’t understand and we want to help. Our group legal services include the Personal Legal Protector Plan. Included in all the options is a review of contracts and legal documents up to six (6) pages per document. This is the ordinary size of most contracts and the attorneys of a Countrywide group legal plan are experts in the language. They can quickly advise a plan member of the most important parts of the contract. They can also make suggestions as far as revisions are concerned so that a plan member is not accidentally harmed by a poorly written contract.

Review Includes Communication

Anyone who is a member of a Countrywide group legal services benefit deals with a real person. We don’t provide an automated interpretation service, and communication is more than just an email. A plan member is entitled to as many telephone calls to Countrywide attorney as necessary on a given matter. This means talking to somebody who is able to verbally communicate the provisions apparent in a document. We realize that sometimes the verbal communication over the telephone might not be sufficient. That is why we also will allow for face-to-face consultations. Countrywide lawyers are very much aware that our group legal services include the very best interpersonal skills. Any plan member who is paired with a Countrywide attorney will be dealing with a professional with the human touch. This sensitivity to the needs of an individual’s benefit anyone in a Countrywide group legal plan will have. It is all part of providing value plus service within our benefits.

Administration That Provides Expedient Service

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Contracts need to be reviewed quickly and Countrywide administration of benefits is designed to provide immediate service to all plan members. One of the best features we have is an absence of complicated forms to be filled out for benefits. We see to it that a group legal plan member is helped as quickly as possible. It is something that clients in the past have commented favorably upon. We also understand that organizations have distinct needs. That is why we will tailor any plan to fit what the organization feels is best. Private insurance exchanges and employers both will find that easy administration and customized plan design are things that every client or person wants to have. Again, we strive to provide maximum benefit in every Countrywide plan. We have been very successful at doing that.

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