Secondary Services are Essential

They enhance high quality


Whether it is an individual employer or a private insurance exchange, benefit quality is very important. Employees and clients alike should be comfortable with the group legal services they have, and be aware that primary features of a plan are supported by good secondary services. Frankly, a group legal plan is not worth much if delivery of the assistance is substandard.

The Main Secondary Services
These may not be what ultimately determine an enrollment decision, but they do guarantee that the group legal services plan will be renewed continually. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is mindful of the importance of the smaller benefits, and insist that these enhance the overall plan. One of these secondary benefits involves correspondence. A Countrywide attorney is able to write letters on behalf of the plan member. This means that a communication on letterhead stationery can be submitted to any merchant who will not honor a warranty. The attorney can also make telephone calls in addition to such letters. Hearing the voice of a Countrywide attorney, and realizing that the plan member has legal representation, can help move a contract dispute to a reasonable resolution.

A plan member enrolled in a Countrywide group legal services benefit may be faced with a very unique predicament. Special areas of law require people trained in that niche, and Countrywide makes use of the referral service to aid in those out of the ordinary situations. The Countrywide network of attorneys spans the country. Anyone who is faced with a legal problem hundreds of miles from home can have access to local attorney was also a Countrywide affiliate. That can be extremely advantageous as unethical people will try to take advantage of somebody who is a stranger.

The Secondary Services Enhance the Customer Service
It is all well and good to have legal assistance but it means nothing if a plan member is treated like a number. Countrywide works to offer the very best in customer service to all members of a group legal plan under the Countrywide umbrella. An individual has the right to make telephone calls to Countrywide attorney as may times as needed on a given situation. A Countrywide attorney is also available for face-to-face consultations should those be necessary. It goes without saying that in situations involving small claims courts the same attorney will help prepare the evidence. These services are provided with the excellent client sensitivity that is the hallmark of a Countrywide group legal services benefit. Our attorneys must be able to relate to plan members on a personal basis. No question is too difficult to answer and all members are treated with the same level of courtesy and respect. Their given situation is afforded top priority. Indeed, no matter where a Countrywide attorney is located this legal professional will treat a plan member like a next-door neighbor.

The Very Best Administrative Service
No employer wants to have a benefit plan that is a snake pit of administrative paperwork. Countrywide provides the kind of benefit that is very easy to administer. Private insurance exchanges will be able to offer a Countrywide group legal plan that provides expeditious service. We also take great pride in being flexible. Our interaction with all types of organizations since 1987 makes us better aware than most of the needs of given employers. We will provide those benefits that the employer or insurance exchange client feels are important for the workforce. While we will make suggestions, at the end of the day that group legal plan is tailored to the employer’s expectations.

The secondary services provide a high level of employee satisfaction. We have a number of options that an employer and a private insurance exchange may want to review as possible offerings to people.

We welcome every chance to further explain our benefits and invite interested parties to contact us about them.