Coping with Bureaucratic Madness

Public agencies don’t have to be nightmaresHelp Person Wrapped in Red Tape Needs Rescue

All of us have to deal with the Internal Revenue Service in the month of April. It is a very stressful hassle, but somehow we are able to get through it. That is not the only dealing the average person has with government bureaucracy. There’s the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, zoning commissions, and licensing boards that have to be dealt with. Americans have to accept the fact government plays a major role in all our lives. This means government bureaucracies have to be worked with. This might be headache for some people and a group legal plan can definitely help them deal with public employees.


Everything Seems to Have a Regulation

Our society appears to be very frustrating and confusing all at the same time. There seems to be a statute or a code for absolutely everything. Many regulations are intended to protect citizens from the unethical practices of others, but that does not stop people from feeling bewildered. An essential group legal services benefit is help in dealing with requirements specified by law. An attorney has working experience with various codes and can explain them. He or she can also give guidance as to what forms must be filled out, and which public employee needs to be seen. The forest that seems to stand in front of a person needing public service starts to thin out. The help of a skilled attorney allows a plan member to make sense of the application forms and other printed material.

Countrywide Provides This Valuable Service

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been helping organizations develop group legal services benefits since 1987. We can appreciate the frustration people feel in dealing with public agencies and that is why one of our group legal services offered is assistance with these bureaucracies. Our national network of attorneys have worked with federal, state, and local public agencies. These seasoned veterans know how to navigate through the channels of the public sector. Sometimes, all that is needed is a letter or telephone call to the right person. This is something that our attorneys will do without problem. If a group legal plan member has questions they can be answered by the attorney. We permit an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation, and face-to-face consultation is permitted.

The attorney assigned to a plan member lives in the community. This individual is not a stranger to how public agencies operate. With experience and a better understanding of process, the attorney makes dealing with these government entities much easier. What started out as bewildering can end up as needed services being provided. The Countrywide attorney helps make that happen.

It Is Part of a Worthwhile Plan

Countrywide does not just provide one service for the benefit of plan members. We realize that in modern society the assistance of an attorney is something more and more people need. It is why we have a wide selection of group legal services benefits from which an organization may choose. We want to design something that the organization feels its employees could use. It is why we allow our client to tell us what is needed, and not the other way around. We work with the decision-makers to develop the very best for their employees. No matter what the final plan design is our administration is designed for efficient service. No matter who the group legal plan member is, he or she is going to get the very best possible attention from Countrywide attorneys. We have a commitment to service that makes is a leader in group legal plans. Any questions that an organization may have. We will gladly answer. Please do feel free to contact us.