Keeping It Simple

Conceptual image of papers coming out of a mans head with pain expressionNo Need for Administrative Delays

Companies want to have good benefits for their employees. Something that makes human resources directors hesitate a little is the administrative requirements of even the most basic benefits. Nobody wants to fill out lots of paperwork or go through unnecessary delays in receiving benefits. A group legal plan able to keep it simple is going to provide some of the best group legal services.

Urgency Makes It Important

People who need legal assistance do not want to wait for it. It could be a situation where a public agency has a deadline for information, a small claims court case has to be prepared, or even trying to get a warranty honored. Any of these are cases where a person becomes very nervous when help doesn’t arrive in a timely fashion. Delays in getting group legal services benefits are too often the case of an administrative nightmare created by the vendor. It should not happen. The administration of a group legal plan can be streamlined and very efficient. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has simple administration as a feature of its legal plans.

Keeping Simple While Maintaining High Quality

The Countrywide plan is noted for fast delivery of service. We know people don’t like to wait and we see to it they don’t have to at all. Countrywide does not require a person to file claims or complete applications in order to get the assistance which is needed. Our attorneys can get straight to work on any legal matter that a group legal plan member brings to their attention. We want to be certain that the group legal services provided are the very best. It is why we carefully screen all of the attorneys who wish to work with Countrywide. They are selected on their obvious legal expertise. They also are screened for sensitivity and responsiveness to a plan member. Efficient administration means that the service provider, the attorney, moves with all deliberate speed in providing benefits. No one has to wait unnecessarily and no plan member problem is allowed to sit in a file cabinet. The attorneys know they have to deliver the goods and that is what they do. The favorable responses we have heard from plan members lets us know that our way of administering benefits is the best way.

We Work with the Client Organizations

We do not charge any administrative fees for services. We also believe that tailored plans are the best for our clients. We provide an array of benefits from which a prospective client may choose what goes into the group legal plan. The final benefit has exactly the group legal services that the employees will use. Nothing is wasted and no unwanted benefits are included. That means administration is even more effective. We also do not require a minimum group size and so the client is not have to worry about having enrollment periods. The benefit is there to be used as soon as possible. This is something that employs especially appreciate. They may be accustomed to elaborate bureaucracy, but they do not have to worry about that with a Countrywide plan. We want to be sure that what legal benefit is needed is provided and the quality of service is the best.

We have worked with all kinds of organizations both in the private and public sector. This makes designing the benefit documents that much easier. We have a good idea of what will be required so we can start immediately on preparing the plan document, guided by what client has asked be included. Our administration is deliberately streamlined and our benefits cover any legal situation employee may face. We would welcome the opportunity to explain all our benefits encourage decision-makers to contact us!