You Have a Right to Consumer Justice!

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 Caveat Emptor, “Let the Buyer Beware” is an unwritten law of the marketplace that has been in effect for centuries. It is true that consumers have to be a little bit cautious when they make their purchases and not always trust the advertising. Nevertheless, there are unethical merchants and service providers who don’t seem to understand that the law applies to them. No consumer should be the victim of deliberate bad behavior and there are consumer protection statutes intended to help. The trouble arises in how to follow through with a consumer protection complaint. It sometimes can be complicated for ordinary people and a group legal plan that offers consumer protection advice is giving a good benefit.

The Devil Is in the Details.


 Someone who thinks he or she has been sold a defective product will get angry and threaten lawsuits. That is done in a fit of rage, but once that same person calms down the idea of litigation seems less appealing. The person may not fully understand what is covered under the consumer protection laws. This kind of frustration can make a person simply give up and accept what is happening. Effective group legal services will provide for an attorney to help a plan member better understand consumer rights. That veteran of the bar can outline what action should be taken to seek redress. Any questions that a person may have deserve answers as part of the group legal services benefit. Countrywide includes consumer protection advice as one of its benefit options.


A Countrywide Group Legal Plan Is Comprehensive.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has designed legal benefit programs for over 27 years. We know that not everybody understands how to best seek consumer protection. Our attorneys are well-versed in consumer protection law and will offer needed guidance. They can explain whether or not the situation merits seeking consumer protection, and suggest how to best act. This is one part of the benefit for plan members.

As part of our group legal plan benefits such as the Personal Legal Protector Plan, Countrywide authorizes the attorneys in our legal network to make telephone calls or write correspondence on behalf of the plan member. In firm language a Countrywide lawyer can advise the other party of any consequences. The whole problem can stop at that point because the presence of an attorney can make unscrupulous individual think twice. We know that anyone who needs consumer protection has a large number of questions. Our attorneys will accept an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation, and a face-to-face consultation is very easy to arrange. It is the complete package of group legal services we offer that makes the difference in many situations. Countrywide does much more than provide an automated service or an FAQ page on a website.

Countrywide Benefits Are Tailored to the Client

Nobody wants their situation to be gathering dust in a cabinet. Countrywide deliberately designed its services to be performed as soon as possible. No matter who the plan member is, the group legal services Countrywide provides are expedited. We want see to it that the problem is solved as soon as possible.

We also want clients to have the type of benefits which they feel their employees truly need. We therefore will design any plan to fit the specifications given to us by the client. We have a number of options and we will explain them to any decision maker. It is understood that whatever the client wants in the group legal plan is precisely what will be there. Nothing more and nothing less.

People need consumer protection from unethical merchants and providers. We can offer the kind of service that shields an individual from being taken advantage of by another party. Consumer protection advice is just one of our many benefits and we have others that create a full package of legal protection. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and allow us to better explain all of our services

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