Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Can Fix Your Financial Wellness – We Have the Right Tools


Debt is something we need to expect. People use their credit cards or take out loans to cover expenses when they occur. Trouble will surface when compulsive spending becomes a habit, or an emergency happens. Not everyone knows how to handle desperate situations and their financial wellness is affected. The proper tools and guidance are necessary to get out of trouble. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can help.

Our Basic Tools

The Countrywide network of certified counselors assists financial wellness plan members. Many problems are minor and require just basic corrections. Our counselors have the task of using the Countrywide tools to fix things.

A budget analysis is a primary tool our counselors use. A person may have no idea about cash flow. The Countrywide counselor looks at the figures. This professional identifies major expenses and how these affect a plan members income. A working budget is developed and an individual can use it to maintain financial stability.

An emergency could require a large payment; more than a plan member readily has. It might not be a problem if the person has sellable assets. The Countrywide counselor will perform an asset inventory to find what is available. Stocks, bonds, collectibles, and whole life insurance policy are some things that the asset inventory uncovers that the plan member didn’t know about. These will provide the required cash.

The Countrywide Debt Management Plan

Debt may have gotten out of control for some people. Their financial wellness is in serious jeopardy and extra help is important. Our Debt Management Plan will assist those in dire straits. The program has additional counseling and other services to help improve personal finances. This assistance does cost a little bit more than the standard Financial Wellness Plan but is worth it some people.

Bankruptcy is drastic and may lead to a financial calamity. Bankruptcy law mandates complete financial education courses as part of the process of declaring bankruptcy. Our counselor’s assistance will qualify for the education requirements needed. The counselor, furthermore, guides a plan member through the bankruptcy process and how to restructure personal finances. Such advice helps a person recover fiscal sanity and get better control over his or her money.

We Give Services with a Little Extra

People are shy about discussing their financial wellness. No one wants to look like a spendthrift or someone who doesn’t know how to manage money. Our counselors are familiar with the anxiety and embarrassment a person suffers. These financial professionals have great communication skills and will work with any plan member. Emotional intelligence is a quality all our counselors must have to work with Countrywide. We do not expect anyone to lecture a plan member but to seek solutions for nagging problems. We are proud of the way our counselors work with those who need their help

We Include the Client

Countrywide would like to provide a plan which all employees will use. We know that we do not know everything about a client’s workforce, and we turn to the decision-makers to help us. A client can select those benefit options which the organization feels its employees will use. Countrywide knows this can mean that some of our benefits are left on the table. We do not mind that at all. We know that whatever the client chooses, those benefits will be used, and we have the administrative services to provide what is requested efficiently.

The basic tools of the Countrywide Financial Wellness Plan go a long way in helping plan members with financial problems. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss further how we can provide a substantial benefit for employees. Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions you would like.

We look forward to hearing from you and telling you about our benefits.