Dealing with the Ordinary – Routine Services Add to Overall Quality


Legal issues are ordinarily not the courtroom dramas seen on television. Law is primarily a system of paper processing and filings. There are deadlines and evidence requirements which most people do not understand. Group legal plans promote services that help plan members deal with ordinary situations. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a benefit that will address any legal issues.

It Starts with Professionals

The Countrywide network of attorneys is the primary benefits provider. The lawyers practice in our client’s communities and a meeting is simple to arrange. Group legal plan members are encouraged to ask questions. Countrywide attorneys will address issues such as consumer protection or document review and give superior guidance. People sometimes forget to ask a question in a meeting. Countrywide allows an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject.

Warranties are documents that people don’t always understand. Countrywide attorneys will interpret and help a person get what they are supposed to receive. If a consumer protection complaint must be filed, the Countrywide attorney will guide the plan member in preparing the evidence and the documents. This legal professional also knows what public agency to approach and help dealing with all branches of government is a Countrywide benefit option.

Important Services

People must deal with mortality, regardless of their age. Living wills, medical powers of attorney, and simple wills should be drafted to protect and assist loved ones. These are all documents a Countrywide lawyer will produce for a plan member. Our services will go a little bit further than that.

Countrywide lawyers will also review legal documents for a plan member. It is a pre-paid legal services benefit that removes a lot of confusion from what appear to be vague papers written in legalese. Simple wills can change over the years due to the death of beneficiaries or the estate executor. Countrywide plan members have the benefit of annual will updates.

There are ways to prevent an issue from growing into a court case. Countrywide knows the value of an attorney as a third-party in any dispute. We allow the attorneys to make telephone calls on behalf of the group legal plan member and write letters on legal stationery. Such services remind the other party that an attorney is involved and can lead to a reasonable settlement of an issue. Those communication tools also help gather information a plan member might need.

Client Involvement Is Important to Countrywide

Designing a good group legal plan is more than just offering a boilerplate document. We appreciate that while all our benefits will help employees, some options are not as important as others. Organizations want to be cost-effective with their benefits and want their employees to use the services. We feel the same way and it is a reason why we ask the organization to help us design their unique plan.

Countrywide explains all the benefit options to a prospective client. We note what advantages can be realized and how the services will benefit than an ordinary employee. Decision-makers will then select what benefit options will be part of the pre-paid legal services benefit. Whatever the client wants will be in the final plan.

We support our group legal plan benefits with highly efficient administration. We also emphasize emotional intelligence. Our attorneys must have good people skills as well as legal expertise. Countrywide attorneys must show empathy and understanding of a plan member’s problems. Issues are taken seriously, and Countrywide looks for solutions. We are proud of the fact that our member service is a leader in the industry. We serve the client and every one of the members of that organization’s workforce.

If you have any questions about Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are willing to explain what we can do for your employees and we would appreciate the opportunity to do that.