Do You Understand the Papers? – Legal Documents Can Be Confusing


In our society we must always deal with all kinds of contracts, leases, permits, and other types of paperwork. Legal documents are part of doing almost any kind of business. An important question all consumers should answer is:   “Do you know what you are signing?”

Legal documents are drafted in a special language. Latin phrases such as sine die will pepper the paragraphs of many important forms. Phrases are written in a dry and tedious style, but a person must be careful. Those boring clauses contain obligations and penalties for noncompliance. Anyone who signs a legal document without understanding the content is taking a major risk. Some group legal plans offer document review as a benefit. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is a vendor offering that option.

We Rely on Professionals

Our nationwide network of attorneys assists with group legal plan member needs. Our lawyers prepare legal documents such as simple and living wills. They are familiar with legal language and know what parts of a document are important.

It is very simple to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Our attorneys practice in the community and give Countrywide group legal plan participants priority status. The attorney reviews documents and forms up to six pages in length. It might not seem like a lot, but most legal documents are not lengthy. The review is well worth the time and effort.

Legal Documents Uncover Traps

Warranties may come with a catch. The agreement might cover only certain parts or just a few of the labor costs. It helps to know this before buying a warranty and legal document review exposes the conditions.

An apartment lease might be a copy of an out of state document, which makes the lease unenforceable. Another apartment lease may contain an arbitration clause that doesn’t benefit the tenants. A Countrywide attorney will spot these problems that are embedded in the lease. Identifying potential problems makes this pre-paid legal services option quite valuable.

Great Service Is Our Best Benefit

We have several benefit options for our group legal plan members. Any of these services help resolve common legal problems for ordinary people. We ask our clients to select the pre-paid legal services they want in their plan. The decision-makers know what their employees need, and we respect the choices. The options they pick will be in the group legal plan document.

Countrywide provides some of the best member services in the industry. A plan member may make an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given situation and this helps resolve a lot of questions still in the person’s mind. A Countrywide attorney can write letters on legal stationery on behalf of the plan member and make telephone calls for this person. This kind of attorney intervention many times stops a problem from getting worse.

We want more than just legal expertise from our attorneys. We want all of them to show respect and courtesy to each one of our plan members. No one using the Countrywide benefit should feel intimidated or ignorant. Our lawyers will patiently answer any questions an individual might have and respect any inquiry. We insist on such emotional intelligence because that makes Countrywide stand out. The high quality of service also benefits our plan members, which is the most important objective we have.

People have resigned themselves to filling out forms and signing documents to get things they need. We want to make sure that no one accidentally signs a form that is going to cause problems for them. We want plan members to know what they are getting into and we will interpret a legal document for anyone who is enrolled in the Countrywide benefit. If you have any questions about our pre-paid legal services, please feel free to contact us. We want to tell you more about us and how we make things easier for your employees.