Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Has the Service You Need – We Solve Many Problems



Courtroom dramas are fun to watch but they don’t paint the full picture of legal services. Most cases are settled out of court. Instead of emotional courtroom encounters, the practice of law primarily involves paper processing and giving advice. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers better assistance than many group legal plans.

Our Attorneys Make the Difference

Our nationwide network of attorneys is the cornerstone of our reputation. The Countrywide legal professionals practice law in the communities where our clients are located. We encourage face-to-face meetings to allow a Group Legal Plan member to develop a rapport with the Countrywide attorney. If a person has additional questions after a meeting, we permit an unlimited number of telephone calls to the lawyer on a given subject.

Preparing the Papers

A significant pre-paid legal services activity is drafting legal documents. Simple wills protect estates, and our attorneys make them on a routine basis. Living wills and medical powers of attorney instruct healthcare providers about undesired medical treatments, and how to handle a terminal case. Countrywide attorneys will draft these according to what a Plan Member wants.

An average group legal plan member doesn’t understand the law. This person can quickly get confused and frustrated with the terminology. Legal document review is a Countrywide benefit. The lawyer can check the legal papers and explain the language, clarifying the content and removing any mystery.

Time marches on and situations change. It is why we send out reminders about simple wills we compose. It is an annual tap on the shoulder that suggests a person look at the will and see if any changes need to be made. We will gladly make the revisions requested.

The Advice Is Pure Gold

Public agencies are a part of our lives and working with government can be difficult. Countrywide attorneys interact with the bureaucracy and help Group Legal Plan members navigate the corridors. Filing a consumer protection complaint means providing evidence and completing various forms. Countrywide will assist in those efforts.

Our lawyers will go the extra mile. Telephone calls will be made on behalf of the Plan Members, and letters on official stationery are permitted. Such communication can resolve problems before they get worse.

Clients Are Involved

We ask the client to look at our benefits and decide which options will be in the organization’s Group Legal Plan. We provide superior administration, so no plan member is forced to wait for the required attention.

Respect and Courtesy Are Critical

Our attorneys are experienced legal professionals and we expect more from them. Excellent communication skills, respect for plan members, and high levels of emotional intelligence are what we want from our lawyers. We screen them carefully, and only those with a combination of excellent legal skills and genuine empathy can work for Countrywide.

We want to point out that those personal qualities are essential to Countrywide. We have provided pre-paid legal services for over 30 years to all kinds of organizations and each one has a unique workforce. A Countrywide lawyer must be able to respond to different personalities and provide good service, regardless of who is asking for it. Our clients favorably comment to us about how we can handle situations that would be difficult for others.

It doesn’t mean that we are against referrals. If there is a matter of specialized law that requires a trained expert, we will refer Plan Members to this individual. However, the plan member will receive a discount on various fees, and we insist on having a fee schedule that assures that no client of ours will be charged an outrageous amount of money.

If you have any questions about any of our pre-paid legal services benefits, please feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to hearing from you.